Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 6

Okie, so Ishq-e-Laa’s latest episode is here. It went live a couple of hours ago, on Dec 2, 2021, but I haven’t gotten time to watch until now. I have been working on office stuff even now. Argh, such is life.

A little recap

Azlan has proposed to Shanaya and is getting to know her and her world better. Abid has played some tricks to cause mayhem in Azka’s life. The plan has worked, and Sultan has spotted them together as if they are out on a date or something. Haw! Ab kutt lagegi…

Ishq-e-Laa Episode 6 Written Update & Review

Let’s begin with some words that would touch your heart. We meet professor Rehmani again with his pearls of wisdom.
Start the day with a prayer, a positive prayer to spend the day in helping others and spreading goodness. Forgive people, and learn to let go.
Taqat rakhte huye bhi maaf kar dena hi Ishq e Laa ki taraf pehla qadam hai.
That is so true. Badla lena aasaan hai, diqqat hamesha qaboo paney mein hoti hai. And if a person practices that, she is a strong person. Whether she gets Ishq-e-Laa or not is a different matter.

Azka’s track

Yes, Sultan sees Abid with Azka. Abid and Kanwal are in tandem, excellent acting by Uzma Hassan and Adnan Samad Khan. “Aankhon ankhon mein isharey karna” – they explained this idion extremely well.
Collectively, Kanwal and Abid both lie through their teeth proving Azka wrong. Azka keeps repeating that they are lying, but Sultan doesn’t believe her much. Taking advantage of the situation, Kanwal takes a false oath just so Sultan will trust him. That makes me think. What does Kanwal get from Azka’s marriage to Abid? Khala and Abid treat her alright. Have they promised her some monies if she helps in this alliance?I don’t know.
Anywho, Kanwal has takena jhooti qasam, and it is evident that it will hit back, and hard.
That does it, and Sultan starts to believe that Azka might have stooped to such a level. Thankfully, at least Khaleda trusts Azka. Irrespective of how Azka feels, Sultan makes the extreme decisiondespite Khaleda and Azka’s protests – Abid and Azka will get marry the next day.

Shanaya’s track

After spending the day together, Azlan and Shanaya are discussing their lives and their worlds.they don’t really agree with each other but boy their love can be felt. The way Shanaya looks at Azlan… It just melts my heart, for them. We should see such romance on screen.
Hum dono ki zindagi ek hi toh hai. Ek dusre ke bina adhuri aur ek dusre ke sath mukammal.
Azlan wants to take his business further but his father insists that he should first “settle down”. Point taken, our hyper-workaholic dude talks to Shanaya and his parents – He decides to gets married; the next day.


I love how the two stories ran in parallel – both brides stepping out of the room, Shanaya with her friends happily and charmingly; Azka alone and sulking. One is dressed like a princess, the other one is modest and
Seemi Raheel is fabulous, oh so fantastic in these scenes. I also like the little confrontation between Azka and Kanwal.
Azka says: Jab aap ke dil par hath parega na tab aap ko pata chalega. (You will realize this when it hits you.)
And we instantly know that something will happen to Aliha. Jhooti qasam is having immediate effect.
Now, coming to the best part of this episode… Yeah… I crave the firsts. In this world where nothing is new under the sun, showing things that we have not seen before is an achivement in itself. In my 7 years of watching Pakistani content, this is the first time I heard a nikaah-khwan end his prayers in the traditional way.
This goes in the list of scense that I had never seen before on the screen.
  1. janaza procession in qabrastan in Daasi,
  2. Mizna reciting Yaseen in Suno Chanda Season 2 when Jamshed was sick and hospitalized.
  3. Sarah Khan read Inna-lillah in Laapata when someone named Shams was found dead
  4. Alizeh Shah recited Ayat-ul-Kursi in Ehd-e-Wafa.
  5. Momin giving azaan and a few people actually offering fajr with jamaat.
  6. And now, we see a nikah-khwan ending his prayers.

I think I should now maintain this list separately.

What to expect from Ishq-e-Laa Episode 7

Well… we all know it. Kanwal’s jhooti qasam will cause Aliha some trouble, and Kanwal will learn her lesson. On the other hand, Shanaya will see Azlan’s true colours. I mean… He isn’t an evil husband, but he is an obnoxious man. Earlier, Shanaya had the option to walk out on Azlan. Ab toh shadi ho gayi… Her hands are tied. I know, that is such a cliched line, but it fits here.

This review I had drafte at 12:12 at night, but I kept watching one video after the other and before I knew, it’s 9 AM already. I need to control my YouTube consumption.

Anyway, what do others think of this episode? I felt that though Professor Rehmani’s track is super enlightening, it’s not placed right and feel jarring to the overall narrative.

Until we meet again, remember me in your good prayers 🙂

Shabana Mukhtar