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Ishq-e-Laa episode 31 Written Update & Review

While Azlan is praying and talking to Allah, confessing his love for Azka, Azka is talking to Kanwal. Kanwal is quite loud when she tells that Azka should tell Ambreen everything.

Of course, the cliche “overhearing every single word” comes into play. Now that Ambreen knows everything, she still doesn’t let Azka leave.  


Azlan meets Zain. Azlan doesn’t mind leaving Azka if she wants to marry Zain. He also seeks a guarantee from Azlan that he would not abandon Azka under family pressure. I like that Azlan now cares more for Azka than himself.

We see another such example of sacrifice when Azlan tells Ambreen not to pressurize Azka. And, another example when Azlan apologizes to Khadija and Kanwal. It is one of the most emotional sequence of Ishq e Laa, and one of the finest performances by Azan Sami Khan.


While Azka hesitantly signs the papers, Azlan just can’t bring himself to sign. The one look that he shares with Azka just takes my heart.

Finally, he asks if he could “talk to his wife” once.

By all means, boy, by all means.



Azlan tells Azka that he never told Shanaya he loved her, that Azka’s presence in his life has brought her closer to Allah, and that he can’t think of leaving him. I liked how the scene is shot from both angles.

Azka tries to leave, but would our hero let her go? No effing hell.

Azlan: Please don’t leave me. I can’t divorce you.

Azka: Why not?

Azlan: Because…

Azka: Because?

Azlan: Because I have fallen in love with you.  

And this is the best scene of Ishq-e-Laa.




The last episode is nearly perfect. I say that because there was something amiss in this episode. Fine, we finally see Azlan loosening and opening up, we see a little romance, we see a bit of sweet and light moments. It doesn’t answer a few questions, though. Why did Azka agree to stay with Azlan? If she really did love Azlan, how and when did she have  a change of heart? And, if she really did love Azlan, why did she sign the divorce papers so easily? I don’t expect to see a declaration of love. Just a few more seconds and a few more words would have done justice. Even when the couple is at the graveyard, Azka asks why azlan didn’t asks how she felt, but she never says a word. Thoda sa confession toh banta thha.

Seemi Raheel has nailed her role as the most understanding and kindest mother ever. Similarly, Uzma as bittersweet bhabhi Kanwal was so endearing.

Similarly, Laila Wasti and Ghazala Kaifi as loving grieving mothers were so good. I just realized that Khadija, Ambreen and Shireen all three lost someone-Sultan, Ghayas, and Shanaya. Ishq-e-Laa was also Ishq-e-Loss. 

As usual, Yumna Zaidi aces her performance. When has she ever disappointed us?

Azlan is also good. In the initial episodes, he faltered a bit while expressing himself, but after the first 10-12 episodes, he just changed. It was almost as if he was transformed into someone else.

Ishq-e-Laa started strong, sagged a little in the middle with the whole Rabab Haroon track, but it ended with a bang, and I so loved the end. This is how a good romance comes to an end, not rushed like Hum Tum



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Shabana Mukhtar