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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi poster
Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi poster

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

The story of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi revolves around a son of a business tycoon, Shehreyar, who falls in love with Mehak, belonging to a middle-class background.

Some unpleasant events occur during the course and Mehak starts hating Shehreyar; and since Shehreyar’s family does not approve of his relationship, the story tangles up even more.

The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.

Written By: Radain Shah

Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti

[Source: ARY Digital TV]

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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode 3 Written Update & Review

The Vulnerable Family

Akram is arrested from home while the whole mohalla is watching. The police tortures him physically and his family mentally. Mahek, Ahsan and Rehan try their best to get him bailed but who would listen to them when the inspector is a puppet in Shamsher’s hands?

Nida suggests that there is only one way to get Akram out of the jail. Mahek calls Shamsher, and somehow this gives Shamsher’s ego the much-needed boost.

His maniac and beastly laughter show us the kind of person he is. Kudos to Danish Taimoor for making this character so loathsome and kinda creepy.

Shamsher makes a call and Akram is released. He comes home, his head down, his eyes refusing to look at anyone. This is a man so vulnerable and helpless, a night in the cell has taken all the confidence away from him.

Main tamasha hoon mujhe dekh rahi hai duniya

Tum toh Khaliq ho mujhe dhaanp kyun nahin dete 

Akram’s monologue about his helplessness is superb, and Shahood Alvi’s acting was simply excellent. There is a reason I hold him with such high regards. Even in the spiteful role of Rafaqat, he shines through his expressions and deliveries. Well done, Shahood sahab!

A bunch of neighbours come to meet Akram and tell Rehan that this sort of behaviour (gun-totting dude coming, police coming, etc). Time is not going to be easy for this family from now on.


Senior Nawab versus Junior Nawab

Farwa tells Dilawar about the “low class sadak chhap ladki” that Shamsher is after. Dilawar wouldn’t allow it, and Shamsher would never let go of his obsession about Mahek. Now, this Nawab versus Nawab. It would be interesting to see.



Another challenge

Mrs Akram suggests that they should marry off Mahek as soon as possible, because Shamsher wouldn’t marry a married woman. While they are talking, Shamsher comes home unannounced.

“Mujh se Mahek ki shaadi kar dein, warna uttha ke le jaunga,” Shamsher threatens Akram.

And the episode ends.



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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. yeah, I realized that when I rewatched the scene a second time to capture screenshots. It’s like Mahek calling his name gives him a high (and I’m choosing my words carefully here) 😀

  2. Liza Joel says:

    Also.. wtf was that phone scene… almost resembles that to phone sex LOL I cringed so bad. DT may be a good actor but I had second hand embarrassment watching that scene. Plus how did ayeza khan approve him of this role?

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