Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 17

Let’s watch and review the seventeenth episode.

Laapata episode 17 written update

Falak still hasn’t told her family about Daniyal’s truth. Only Khursheed senses that Falak isn’t as happy as she used to be. She even looks worried.
Who else is worried? Gaiti… She has sensed that Shams is awkward around Falak, and Falak is ignoring Shams. That’s not all. Shams, the guy who wrote a poem for Gaiti, is now ignoring her.
The rest of the episode circles between the trio. Falak isn’t interested in Shams, Shams can’t stop thinking about Falak, and Gaiti isn’t happy about it. This episode was so bleh that I didn’t even post the review on time.

Shabana Mukhtar