Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 18

Let’s watch and review the eighteenth episode.

Laapata episode 18 written update

Gaiti is sad and philosophical for a change, even worries that she might not be able to wear her bridal outfit after all. And then, Shams calls Gaiti and tells her: aaj se main sirf tumhara. 


Woh kya kaha hai shayar ne? Udhar se lagee jootey toh hum yaad aaye. 


Falak doesn’t leave any hope for Shams so he decides to be with Gaiti. It doesn’t end there. He tries to make Falak jealous. Hadh hai. Bhai, try to be honest at least.


Alright, so the jealousy aside, police is looking for Falak Khursheed, and arrives at their house. Falak is interrogated about missing Daniyal. Falak lies through her teeth which might backfire at her if Daniyal is dead. 


By the way, where is Daniyal? Is he dead? Falak had hit Daniyal on the head. 


Shams seems to read between the lines. I think his stint at jail would somehow help him in this case. Just a wild guess… 


This episode is slow, even on 2X. 


Sarah Khan’s quiet reactions are so good. The recurring dream is becoming very annoying though. How many times would we see the same scene? If she has taken such a bold step of hitting Daniyal, she should have sought help from police and lawyers. 

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Absolutely! I liked how Sara and Ali Rehman’s chemistry is captured on camera

  2. liza says:

    agreed, but i loved everyone’s performances esp ayeza and ali rehab’s. sarah too was great. the plot wasn’t a solid one but GOD i loveeeddd the cinematography. it was so pleasant to the eyes and plus the soundtrack was well picked. i’m listening to danny zee’s so long goodbye on repeat now because of this 🙂 anyway for the writers first project and direction, i’d say they did a good job. but like you said, it will be forgotten

  3. It wasn’t a memorable drama but it was short and fast paced. I liked it, I’d say but I wouldn’t recommend it

  4. liza says:

    i was looking for this comment ahaha i called it ((: well so long laapata, you’ve been a great run 🙂

  5. Oh, I didn’t notice the tagline. I think Falak and Shams will end up together. Gaiti will continue tik tok:-p

  6. liza says:

    i dunno, now that daniyal is dead (i think) thry might. but then again, the tagline of the drama is “an incomplete love story”. what do you think?

  7. Do you think Shams will end up with Falak?

  8. liza says:

    i can sense that the drama is gonna end soon, quite a short run perhaps… prolly end like in 2 weeks time i suppose but it’ll defn not run past 30 and i agree… the first few eps were too fast and then suddenly it decided to hit the breaks to slow down

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