Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 19

Let’s watch and review the nineteenth episode.

Laapata episode 19 written update

If Laapata episodes were to be titled, this episode would be titled “SlowMo”.
The episode begins and we see the three characters – Gaiti, Falak and Shams getting ready, in slow-mo. The scene cuts to each one of them until they are all ready for the wedding. The song in the background was very catchy, though. So, I didn’t mind this slow-mo.
Then we see the same as Falak comes to the wedding, then when the police makes an entry.
then we see another slow-mo sequence as Falak removes her jewellery at the police station. Pehle sab pehente huye tayyar hote huye dekho, phir usko undo hote huye dekho… kitna slow-mo re?
In terms of plot progress, Gaiti has reported Falak’s location, police comes to arrest her for Daniyal’s murder, the whole family sans Gaiti is worried, the wedding is just… sort of postponed. This postponement might turn into cancellation, who knows. 
Ayesha, Daniyal’s friend Aurangzeb’s wife, asks Falak to fight her case for her. I like her, she’s realistic. She knows Falak’s case is weak and yet she wants to support Falak. I hope she wins. 
Prediction: Falak will be acquitted, Shams will marry Falak, and Gaiti will continue to be the tik tok star that she is, a fact that the makers have forgotten I guess. We don’t see any footage of Gaiti recreating Bollywood and Lollywood stars’ looks.
I want this drama to end now. Bahot ho gaya.  
By the way, how did Daniyal die? That one (or was it two?) blow to his head proved fatal? I’m surprised. On another note, why is Gauhar taking such short roles? He did a phenomenal job as Daniyal, but the role was short. He’s playing Qaiser in Amanat, and that role is a waste of Gauhar’s talent, but… 
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Shabana Mukhtar


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