Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 3

After watching the first two episodes, I had decided that this drama isn’t for me. But yesterday when I opened YouTube, this episode started playing, and I sort of watched it – half watched, half listened to.
Let me summarize the plot progress as a bulleted list, because…why not?
  1. Zooni is sulking that Zarar did not tell her about Meher.
  2. Zarar’s mother doesn’t like Zooni. She doesn’t like Meher, either. She comes across like a woman who doesn’t like anyone.
  3. Meher doesn’t want to attend the mehendi function, or whatever function it is.
  4. Junaid is nursing contempt for his brother Zarar, which comes as a surprise because otherwise the whole family is very cordial. Junaid’s declaration that he hates his brother and wants to hurt him, comes as a shock. We should have seen a few other scenes where Junaid and Zarar are not getting along, or Junaid’s internal monologue would have been enough. But no, just one fine day, he talks to himself and says: Bahot nicha dikhaya aap ne mujhe zindagi bhar, ab badle ki baari hai. Kuch bheee?
  5. Wasn’t Furqan paralyzed or was I dreaming? Okay, so he is sending Qaiser to a hospital to be treated. Saeeda doesn’t like this decision, but since when does Furqan care about Saeeda? Would Qaiser recover and emerge as Daniyal from Laapata?
  6.  Zarar tells Meher that Fawad has passed away. She dropped a glass, gets a cut, and Zarar takes her to the hospital, because nobody else is capable of driving to the hospital.
  7. Zooni is being Zooni in the whole episode. Bleh!
Saboor and her character, both are annoying.  And that’s the biggest reason that I am not liking this drama. Not that other characters or the storyline has any intrigue value.
Alright, time to go.
Shabana Mukhtar