Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 3

Let’s watch and review the third episode.

Laapata episode 3 written update

Things aren’t going well between Falak and Shams ever since Khursheed has said no to Shams. Falak and Shams are arguing, Rukhsana is behaving rudely with Nighat (Falak’s mother), Hameed has threatened that he wouldn’t return the money he owes Khursheed… Things could have been cordial between them, no?

Another thing that’s difficult to digest is Hameed’s reaction. While he’s aware that Shams is doing just what he did when he was young, he doesn’t do anything to stop him. Also, why is he so mean to Khursheed? He’s nothing but nice to him.

Shams flirts with Gaiti just to irritate Falak. It works. Falak is jealous, and Gaiti is happy that Shams is being nice.

We also learn that Faryal isn’t just practical. She’s never happy. Sohial has gotten a new job, which will pay 1 lakh per month instead of 70 thousand which was his previous salary. Faryal still isn’t happy.

Oh, and Hameed, Khursheed and Sameena aren’t real siblings. 

Shams lands up in a soup. He has lost money in the game, and now he has to arrange 20 lakhs in two days. Damn!

He would be pulled in the shit much deeper. Mark my words…

And now, some rants

That scene where Gaiti celebrates with herself that Khursheed has refused the alliance of Shams and Falak… I don’t know… It wasn’t very evil, but it sent a shiver down my spine.

I also the sequence towards the end of this episode. Gaiti gets ready to pay a tribute to Madam Noor Jehan (very pretty and elegant), Falak practices badminton alone (very fierce and helpless at the same time), and Shams loses the game (very hopeful and dejected at the same time), a big amount at that. Very nicely shot and edited. 

Shams’ tan keeps changing-in one scene, he’s regular Ali Rehman, in other scene, he’s tan and chocolate brown.

This isn’t the usual rom-comish drama that I usually watch, and I don’t want to watch it. 

But I will give it another try. If it gets too much to handle, I will stop watching it.