Shehnai | Episode 24

Written update and review and rant and whatever

Kifayat is all sweet and nice and sensible much to everybody’s surprise. Tooba, Beenish, and Ahsan in particular are overjoyed.

Der Aaye Durust Aaye, one would think, right? 


Madiha, Azhar’s wife reminds Kifayat about his old ways. Kifayat has changed for good, but Madiha doesn’t trust him. And, guess who overhears their conversation about Bakht? 


Now, Tooba is spying on Bakht and Hunain. She overhears their plans about nikaah. Will Tooba be able to stop Bakht? Now everyone knows just how awful Bakht is, and nobody is able to knock any sense into that stubborn girl’s head. 

I hate Bakht.

Kifayat realizes that Absar is just as generous for Beenish and Ahsan. Too little, too late, huh? How can Kifayat reverse what he has done? There’s no undo, no Ctrl Z in real life

I wonder what will happen to Meesam (Iffat’s boyfriend).

 Affan looks very nice in the terrace scene. This guy is too good looking.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

Meesam (Iffat’s boyfriend