Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 17

I watch Mere Humsafar so you don’t have to. 

Let’s quickly cover today’s episode.

Mere Humsafar Episode 17 Written Update & Review

Khurram’s mother has passed away, and he is back to living with Shafaq and family. He also thinks that he can now live with them forever.

But he’s wrong. He’s so wrong.

Shafaq’a father asks him to leave, and he is very firm and formal about it. I loved Shafaq’s father. He is so realistic. And so is Shafaq. She knows that Khurram needs her financial support. The sad part is that he sees Haala and Hamza together. So Khurram is coming back in Haala’s life for sure.

Shah Jahan and Sameen both raise their hand on Haala. I wonder why it’s to easy to physically assault the heroine. Aisi heroine mujhe heroine nahin lagti. Whether it’s Biya from Badzaat, or Meher in Amanat, or Haala in Mere Humsafar, such heroines are so last season.

Haala’s “I’m not worth Hamza” is getting old now. Hamza can take a stand for Haala and all, but how much longer would he keep speaking for her? She should learn to take a stand for herself?


All said and done, the romance of this drama is oh so good. That is probably the only good thing about this drama. Hamza is like the dream husband one would want. One Hamza to go, please!

All that credit goes to the hero, our very own Farhan Saeed. Farhan Saeed is the saving grace of this drama. His eyes speak and his voice leaves you in trance.

Gale mein uske khuda ki ajeeb barkat hai
Woh bolta hai to ek raushni si hoti hai



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