Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 23

Let’s review the latest episode of Mere Humsafar. This review is 5 days too late, but I had a reason, you will know shortly about it


A little Recap of Episode 22

So, things don’t look good for Shah Jahan as Hamza doesn’t believe anything his mother says. It’s timee for a master stroke.

Mere Humsafar Episode 23 Written Update & Review

Evil mother-in-law

Shah Jahan is mighty pissed at Haala, and Rumi is doing all she could to rub salt on her mother’s wounds. This instigates the already evil mother in Shah Jahan. She pretends to be the sweetest mother-in-law there ever is, and brings some tablets for Haala. Unsuspecting Haala consumes the tablets. Nobody suspects anything as Shah Jahan is super sweet to Haala otherwise.

The cat is out, but wait…

Hamza brings a doctor to check on Haala. Things unravel and the doctor learns about the tablets. Haala is as upset as she could be. When she confronts Shah Jahan, Shah Jahan denies all allegations. And that changes everything. Haala loses all her patience and brings all her past deamons out in the open. She’s about to be a mother. She is fierce, she’s unrelenting, she’s a force to reckon with. And Hania shines in the whole sequence. It was such a lovely and overwhelming performance. This girl has got some acting chops, and I love. I understand why a sensitive person like Hamza wouldn’t trust his lovely wife. Mother versus wife, it’s a tough call. Men generally go with “wife”, but Hamza has chosen “mother”. It’s binary, this or that. Can’t say there is anything wrong with it.

Khurram aint a saint

Khurram calls home that incidentally Haala picks up. Khurram is being Khurram, his mean, evil, selfish and manipulative self. On the other hand, he is the sweetest and kindest person with Sameen. Omer Shahzad has done well for his part. By the way, there is a continuity problem. Khurram wore a grey shirt when Sameen asked him to meet Jalees, and he wore a white shirt when he brought Jalees home. Kya ghar pe shirt change karne gaya thha?

And, kar lo twist

As if everything that has happened to Haala isn’t enough, Khurram is home to fix the proposal. Shah Jahan takes this opportunity to reveal the relationship between Khurram and Haala’s past. To her surprise, and ours, Khurram refutes all allegations. And that makes Hamza think: she might have lied about Haala’s medicines, too, no?

Short Review

I liked the pace and the smooth flow of this episode. It was so well-written. Hania and Saba Hameed both have their best in this episode. This episode was all about these two ladies. Well done girls!



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