Drama Review | Parizaad | Best of Nasaaz

Ahmed Nasaaz is one of those people who help Parizaad transform into a self-believing person. From the novel (read summary and review here on my blog), we already know that every girl in Parizaad’s life brings about a forward, generally positive change in him. Nasaaz is one of those male characters who affect Parizaad.

Let’s look at some of the key and memorable scenes that revolve around Nasaaz and Parizaad.

1. Episode  3: Nasaaz makes an entry

This scene is pivotal. Parizaad is at the railway station seriously considering taking his life when Nasaaz talks to him. It’s Nasaaz’s words that give Parizaad the courage to face the world again. Also, he delivers one of the most memorable and quotable lines of this drama.

2. Episode 4: Losing the Literature event on purpose

Amidst thunderous appluase, Nasaaz recites a poem.

raat ho chaand ho shanasa ho

kyun nah rag rag mein phir nasha sa ho

mein ne ik Umar kharch ki hai tum par

tum mera qeemti asasa ho

aik to khauf bhi ho duniya ka

aur mohabbat bhi bey-tahasha ho

But he still loses the literary event. A girl student wins it. When Parizaad asks him why he lost on purpose, he says: “Haar ka apna hi maza hota hai.” Or something to that effect. This man has swag.

3. Episode 4: The two identities of a man

Nasaaz encourages Parizaad to learn poetry so he can charm the fairer gender. Parizaad, still suffering from a huge inferiority complex, says something about his looks. Nasaaz pauses, looks at Parizaad and delivers one of the most memorable lines of this drama.

4. Episode 5: The Laundry Scene

Him doing laundry like we do, step by step.

5. Episode 6: Convincing Parizaad to marry Saima / Bubbly

While he’s supposedly giving Parizaad a practical advise to marry Saima for the dowry, he’s chopping some tomatoes etc. That was such a nice touch.

Do you agree with my picks? What are your favourite Ahmed Nasaaz’s scenes? Let me know in the comments below.

Shabana Mukhtar