Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 23

A little recap of episode 22

Naheed meets Parizaad at her house, and Kanwal overhears the conversation. We know that Seth Shahbaz is after Parizaad’s life. How much longer will Parizaad survive?

Parizaad episode 23 written update and review

Main pyasa tu saawan…

Main dil tu meri dhadkan…

Hai na?

Hai toh…

We see Parizaad breaking down as he plays piano. Ahmad Ali Akbar wins our heart all over again.

Lubna calls Parizaad to inform about the film’s progress. They are working on the music now, and Lubna asks Parizaad to come to the studio. Yeah, cue for Nasaaz’s entry.

Ustad Sureele Khan and his daughter Jharna are into classical music. Parizaad likes it but the producer doesn’t. Tony the rapper comes in to sing ooo lala ooo lala… Was that a job it Tony Kakkar? It makes sense. Nonsense music and repetitive lyrics. Well done, haha.

Parizaad offers to drop Ustad Sureele Khan and his daughter Jharna. He tells Jharna to find a good poet for her voice.

Hia na ji, apna Ahmad Nasaaz, coughing ailing Ahmad Nasaaz. The duo gets to talking. Parizaad has already noticed that Jharna loves Nasaaz. Bas isko marna nahi chahiye novel ki tarah.

“Mithas ab zindagi mein chai mein hi reh gayi hai,” Ahmad Nasaaz says.

We see another closure as Kanwal talks to Parizaad. She respects Parizaad for not “using” Naheed.

Ainee is making Parizaad’s sculpture restlessly. She even invites Parizaad to her gallery. I like that Ainee’s character consistently repeats some words. i also loved the sculpture. Whoever has made it has done a fantastic job.

What to expect from episode 24?

We will see more of Ainee and Parizaad. Will Ainee’s cousin be a part of on-screen adaptation? We don’t know yet.

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Shabana Mukhtar