Drama Review | Pyar Deewangi Hai | Episode 4 | A Clichéd Story

Pyar Deewangi Hai | When Love Is Snatched Away

The story revolves around a beautiful girl, Rabi, and her cousin Mateen, who is also her neighbor and love interest.

Written By: Misbah Ali Syed

Director: Aabis Raza

Produced By: Fahad Mustafa

Producers: Big Bang Entertainment

[Source: ARY Digital]

Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 4 Written Update and Review

I really don’t have much to say about this episode. The gradient went so steep that it took a major dive.  Anywho, off to the review. ~ Basically, long story short, Rabi and Mateen get married. But Naseem has a few tricks up her sleeve,   Together with Zebi, her niece. They are hellbent on destroying Rabi’s life. Great, another Saas-Bahu saga. I feel betrayed, they showed us something and it ends up being another Saas-Bahu drama. 


Torture Plan #1

Executed? No. Naseem claims that it is a tradition that when the bride steps into her husband’s home, he must step onto the bride’s naked feet with his shoe on. But Mateen refuses it. Plan #1, failed. ~ When Rabi waits for Mateen, for the first time as a bride, Naseem comes up to Rabi and Naseem’s true face is shown to Rabi. That scene was chilling tho! Kudos to Gul-e-Rana ji.


Torture Plan #2

Executed? Yes. Naseem complains to Rabi that she hasn’t pierced her nose as it was a tradition in their time that the brides should pierced their noses before they get married. Naseem insists on Rabi’s nose getting pierced despite multiple pleas. Her nose gets pierced anyway. Mateen gets mad, more at Rabi for letting this happen. And he even shouts at Rabi to tell Saima that Rabi is fine. Dominant much? I now think that Mateen is the psychopath and not Dawood.

Best Scene

Dawod mourning at the lose of his love. I mean Sami Khan just got into the character!

Drama Review

Like I said at the start, I feel really cheated that this has what the drama has become. I might not be able to watch it but I’ll give it another try next episode. I must say Neelum Muneer fell flat this episode. Her expressions didn’t show much range. Her voice sounds monotonous throughout too. I don’t know, I guess it’s just me. Shuja Asad and Gul e Rana were the highlight of the episode with their performances. Great acting by both! And of course, Sami Khan, what can I say? He’s just too good!


Until then, look out for my next review!



  1. liza joel says:

    same here !! feel so cheated

  2. I hadn’t expected this to be a saas bahu saga. I had presumed it to be something like “You”.

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