Drama review | Habs | Episode 4 | A Suffocating Romance Indeed

Habs | Is Love Really Needed For A Marriage?

ARY’s new drama Habs is an unusual drama with a story that involves a loving couple, trying to make it through the misunderstandings that are created by the unfortunate circumstances and the people around them.

Habs Episode 4 Written Review & Update


Basit’s Track

Basit is visibly perplexed at his office situation, whatever it is making him compelled to get married. He needs to get hitched ASAP! Cut to the next scene as Soha hosts a massive party in honour of Basit and Soha’s engagement. Soha makes a speech of she found her soulmate and what not and announces Basit onto the stage to wear her the ring.

Throughout this scene, I wondered, I could NEVER do something like that. But I guess Soha has a thing for throwing parties. That too, inviting the world to witness her engagement. For me, engagments are intimate and should be shared between the couple. But hey, I am a different personality. Ahem, shy I mean.

Also, Soha the character just screams Ayesha Omar to me. Although she has done a fine job as Soha but thoda effort nazar nahi aa raha. You know what I mean? But we will get to Soha’s and Basit’s personality clash.


The Personality Clash

Soha breaks to Basit that she flying abroad for 6 months to complete a course. But Basit wants to get married immediately, like tomorrow immediately. Soha refuses to accept that and insists that she will complete her education, then get married. Basit is unhappy of course. Seems like Basit has found his match. Two very dominant personalities.

Now Basit has to find another way to get married ASAP.


Ayesha’s Bano’s Track

No, I didn’t make a mistake in the title because literally the whole focus was on Bano this episode.

I could sum up this track in 2-3 sentences because this track literally doesn’t interest me anymore. But for simplicity sake, I will break it down.


Bano visits Talal’s house to ask Shamsa Khala about her health. Cut to, Bano being thrown out of Talal’s house.

Bano is upset and she throws all her gussa on Qudsia, who wanted some money to pay for rent. Congratulations people! After 4 whooping episodes, we finally get to know Saba’s actual name. Oh and Bano too found out that it was Qudsia who stopped their planned Nikkah.

Cut to, Bano swallowing a bunch of pills because she ”lost her mohabbat”. I’m pretty sure you can guess the sequences of events after this.


Now finally to Ayesha’s Track

It is revealed to Ayesha by Qudsia that she had sold Ayesha’s gold medal to get some cash to pay for their rent but she still needs more money.

Ayesha is upset and rightfully so. I, too, would be pissed if my mum ever did that.


Ayesha finally finds a job. You guessed it, as Basit’s Personal Assistant. Finally, their story is beginning.


Because of Bano being in the hospital, Qudsia had spent all her savings on Bano’s treatment and asks Ayesha to find a way to get that money. So Ayesha sells her mobile phone. Sigh! But I guess this is the reality of poverty.

And being a PA, this is not a smart move at all.

Drama Review

I want more focus on Ayesha and Basit. Not the side tracks, it’s not that interesting. But overall the episode was just okay.

Dania Enwar did a fine job as the heartbroken girl. But I guess people go to extremes when in love. People may find her screaming annoying but, I get it. There is a reason why she did what she did.

One thing I like about this drama is that every character has a reason for why the way they are. Back stories are always good to establish any character. Not just throw us off into the deep end.

Feroze Khan this episode was much more bearable than the last. Thank God. And my heart skipped a beat when Irsa Ghazal came on screen. I need more screen time for that woman!

Ushna Shah is gor-ge-ous as always. And her acting is great too! I can’t wait for Ayesha and Basit’s track. Habs might be slow paced but I want to see the turn of events that lead to Ayesha and Basit getting hitched. Oof! So excited!


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