Drama Review | Angna | Episode 61

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Angna Episode 61 Written Updates and Review

Eshal is… She’s so annoying. If I were Saira, I would have gotten rid of such a bahu. If I were Zain, I would have divorced Eshal. She’s always weeping and whining and making a face. I skipped the first scene but still it annoyed me to no limits.
Raza is still remembering Nayab and his unborn baby. His makeup is so over the top. He looks like someone who’s just about to die. Raheela and Shaukat are also upset that Raza is suffering so much, but Azhar and Zaiba are like: no freaking way. This track was filled with a trillion flashbacks. Let’s just say nothing happened. The old scenes were used to add 15 minutes’ run time. 


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Shabana Mukhtar