Drama Review | Qissa Meherbano Ka | Episode 13

Let’s review the latest episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka. It’s based on Fakhra Jabeen’s short story Ujalon Ki Basti. You can read the story here, and my review is here.

A Little Recap

In the 12th episode, we saw that Professor Asghar Ali Mehtab has passed away, and Murad is desperately searching for the properties’ papers, while Mehrbano is trying to find a safe “shelter” for Noor.

Qissa Meherbano Ka Episode 13 Written Update

Mehrbano asks Mehran to marry Noor, but he refuses, and rightly so. How could Mehrbano expect Mehran to marry a girl he sees like his younger sibling? How could Mehrbano expect Mehran to marry someone else while Mehran is in godey  godey ishq with Mehrbano herself? Did she think that Mehran would sacrifice his love for her?

Noor is upset with Mehrbano that she talked to Zehreeli chachi to let Noor stay. This little girl has her own problems. She lost her parents, she Murad doesn’t let Mehrbano stay at professor’s house for long, so Noor comes home. Khadoos aunty spills poison as usual.  Noor doesn’t like the way Mehrbano is treated. Will Noor tolerate this shit? I doubt it.

Ayaz and Noor both are yateem, of sorts. And incidentally, they both are quite rebel in their ways. I like it about them. Given that Mehrbano has a generally tame personality, we need some ferocity and fire to keep things interesting.

Mehrbano learns that her jewellery boxes are missing (Fari has taken those boxes when Mehrbano as back home). Devastated, she barges into Fari’s room to talk to Murad. Well, she does not literally barge in. Our girl has manners; she knocks first. Murad finally learns about the jewellery and shows his true colours. While he is kinda sorta threatening Mehrbano, Ayaz watches the whole drama. Does that soften Ayaz’s heart towards his aunt? I think it does.

Parting Thoughts

The storyline is significantly changed from the novel, but Noor and Ayaz’s angle will be the same, enough hint is given in this episode. Apart from that, many scenes are changed and elaborated. The whole property matter isn’t revealed at the last minute as in the novel. Noor isn’t confined to a room, she’s roaming around and talking back to khadoos aunty. Murad is just as mean as Athar Khalu. Overall, we have a lot of similarities

What to Expect in Episode 14

Things will get creepier in the next episode, but we will see some good bits as Ayaz takes a stand for Mehrbano. Am I looking forward to it? Not so much, but I will watch it.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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