Drama Review | Qissa Meherbano Ka | Episode 18

Let’s review the latest episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka. It’s based on Fakhra Jabeen’s short story Ujalon Ki Basti. You can read the story here, and my review is here. The drama is quite different from the story itself, so don’t be disheartened by my review even if it has some spoilers.

A little recap of episode 17

The marital rape continues in this episode making us all squirm as we watch this drama.

Qissa Meherbano Ka Episode 18 Written Review


Zehreeli chachi has called Maria to help her make dinner. She is trying to make Mehran fall for Maria. Aunty ji, aise nahin hota.


“Main computer toh nahin hoon ki naya program daal diya aur chal gaya,” Mehran tells his mother.



Fari refuses to go with Murad. This time, she isn’t falling for Murad’s frivolous words and superfluous promises. Her brother and sister-in-law are not happy with this.



Mehrbano is worried as hell, and Noor is trying to help as much as she can. She even tries to talk to Ayaz, but he refuses. Seriously, would he ever take a stand, ever?



Acchhe Miyan puts something in Mehrbano’s milkshake and she is rushed to the hospital. Khadoos aunty is so venomous. This is how she is avenging Afiya’s death. Murad obviously thinks that Mehrbano tried to kill the unborn baby.


This is enough. Mehrbano is forced to talk to khadoos aunty.


“Afiya ko aap ne maara hai,” Mehrbano tells her mother-in-law.



Noor and Ayaz have a couple of scenes and I feel like an overdose of sweetness. This is one of my favourite couples of this year, I mean…2021…


Hassan Noman, uff… what a terrific actor. He is there only for one or two scenes but boy does he impress us. I also like Areej and Khushhal Khan.


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Shabana Mukhtar