Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Cast & Characters

The drama is based on the novel Daasi Dholan Yaar Di by Faiza Iftekhar. I have read the novel and totally loved it. You can read the review here.

Cast & Characters

Iqra Aziz as Noor Bano aka Noori

The heroine

Imran Ashraf as Mohiuddin aka Bhola

The hero

Asma Abbas as Fehmida

Bhola’s mother

Syed Jibran as Sahir

Noor’s love interest

Ammara Butt as Komal

Bhola’s cousin

Kashif Mehmood as Nusrat Mian

Bhola’s cunning chacha

Munazzah Arif as Rizwana

Bhola’s chachi

Zaib Rehman as Amma Jannate

Noori’s mentor

Ismat Iqbal as Noori’s mother

Noor-ul-Hassan as Shokha

Ahmed Abdul Rehman as Mumtaz Begum

Bhola’s love interest

Umer Darr as Darr

Bhola’s friend

Zaryab Haider as Shafiq

Bhola’s friend

Haseeb Muhammad Bin Qasim as Haji Sahab

Noori’s employer

Nargis Bhatti

Haji Sahab’s wife

Momina Aayla as Young Noori


Shakoran as wife of Hamza Khan



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