Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #29

Noori sees the real face of Sahir and we can see that she has changed her mind. Or it was always her plan (see review of episode 25).

Fehmeeda was asked to offer her first kid to the peer, but she didn’t. She feels that she is suffering the fate of having a son like Bhola. She apologizes and prays for repents.

Noori finds Bhola at the circus and also learns the truth about Mumtaz Begum, that he is a man and does the facade of half human half lomdi to earn his bread n butter.

Bhola is home, finally. Noori declares war first with Nusrat then with Sahir – her sole purpose being safety of her child and her husband.

She takes Bhola to a new doctor and Fehmeeda asks Nusrat to move out.

Best scene

Bhola offers that Noori should tie him with chains so he wouldn’t run away.

What do you feel about this episode?


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