Drama Review | Raqs-e-Bismil | Episode 1

Yep, I’m watching Bismil Bismil Raqs-e-Bismil…

The episode opens at a gathering were Pir Qudrat Ullah is giving a lecture about the uncertainty of this world, and why one should not love this materialistic world. Musa is sitting right next to his father, listening to every world intently. Suddenly, a younger man Essa, Musa’s younger brother comes in and whispers something into Musa’s ears. Without uttering a word, Musa seeks his father’s permission before stepping out. Ankhon hi ankhon mein sawal jawab ho gaye… kya baat hai…

The scene changes to an open space where a girl and a boy are waiting for their friends. The girl, Sakina has run away to marry her love Kamran. Both Kamran and Sakina  fear that Musa would interrupt their marriage.

And, he does.

Musa and Essa arrives to stop the secret nikaah. Essa threatens Kamran and his friends by showing his gun. Musa take Sakina home dragging her by the hand. Just the way Musa pushes Sakina to the ground upon reaching home, it tells us about his character. He values his family’s reputation over a person’s physical wounds. He doesn’t have any control on his anger, and the man is ready to combust any time. 

When they return home, Musa gathers everyone and tells them what Sakina was going to do. He drags Sakina and ties her to a tree. I don’t understand what he was trying to do. Khadija begs Pir Saheb to stop this but Pir Sahen is unmoved. We can see that Essa is uncomfortable with the proceedings, but he can’t stop his older brother. Hajra only watches on. Khadija then pleads Musa, reminding him that Sakina is his razayi sister. Musa stops, but he is still agitated. This scene is the perfect exposition. It tells us about all the characters and their dynamics. I simply loved it.

Late, before dinner, Pir Saheb fixes Sakina’s marriage with Essa. Essa isn’t thrilled, but he bows to his father’s wish. Nobody is happy, but  they relent. I guess they have no way to stop what’s happening. Sakina does try to voice her protests, but in vain. 

I like that Hajra talks to Essa about his wedding to Sakina. She tells Essa to forgive Sakina and never bring up her past.

Musa being the razayi brother, he comes to take Sakina’s permission for nikaah.

“Ab bhi is ki zaroorat baqi hai?” Sakina asks.

Musa jo tapa hai, soch hai aap ki.

Sakina is heartbroken and helpless. There is only one thing she can do – curse. She curses Musa that he falls in love with someone but cannot achieve his love. Only then he will realize just how she is feeling. At this point, we know what’s about to come.

Anywho… the nikaah takes place against Sakina’s will. 

Now that one of her sons is married, Hajra wants Musa to settle down as well.

“I don’t like the girls these days. I want to marry a girl who hasn’t seen anyone, not even the mirror,” Musa says.

At this point, we know that Musa will fall for a girl who is the exact opposite of his expectation.

Okay, so life moves on. Pir Saheb asks Musa to meet some authorities for some work. The jeep is out of petrol, so Musa takes a bus leaving the jeep to Essa. Essa seems like a fun person, by the way. When Musa is scolding Essa, watch Essa’s expressions. It amused me.

On the bus, we see some girls in while salwar kameez and a niqab-clad girl. Some boys tease the girls sitting in front of them. They get down, and the girl starts to yell. Other passengers mistake Musa to be the culprit. Just before the crowd takes out the frustration on Musa, the niqab-clad girl interrupts.

“Wait… It wasn’t him. Those boys have already deboarded the bus.”

All Musa can see is her big beautiful eyes laced with kohl.

And we just know that cupid has worked. 

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 1 review

I absolutely loved it. If it wasn’t 4 o’clock, I would have continued to watch other episodes.

The exposition was perfect and crisp. Small scenes drop hints of what’s to come – Musa’s love interest wouldn’t be as pious as he wants, and he would fall helplessly in love.

The first episode ends perfectly on a cliffhanger. We already know that Musa has lost his heart to the niqab-clad woman. Would he pursue her? How would she react? These are the questions that Great story telling, I must admit. I’m taking notes, people. I hope to be able to write such engaging tales.

A word on performances

I have seen Mehmood Aslam only as Mehmood Sahab in Bulbulay. To see him in a serious role like Pir Saheb is like a 360 degrees turn. It is hard to think of him as the same person, in fact. Very convincing performance.

Imran Ashraf is superb as usual. The way he drags Sakina home (not that I condone his acts) shows us just how extreme and insane he is for his family and its reputation. I have always been a fan. For Musa, however, I hope that he calms down a bit over the period of this drama.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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