Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 18



Sang-e-Maah Episode 18 Written Update and Review

Justice is Served 

So, the time for confrontation is finally here. Haidar comes home to find his wife Ayesha, his mother, his daughter Fatema and Sheherzade in the same room. Haji Marjaan and Awwal Khan follow Haidar to the living room.
Haidar does what we expect him to do– denies all allegations, calls Sheherzade names, and assassinates her character while the three women (okay, two and a half) in his life look on. He is even ready to swear on his daughter (who is only Ayesha’s daughter, by the way).
And this is the time that khala decides to break her silence. She always knew, but she finally admits that she knew. Too little, too late, I would say. Or some would say, der aaye durust aaye.
“Main kamzor nahin hoon khala. Jab thi, tab thi. Ab main iss zalim se zyada mazboot hoon,” Sheherzade says.
Khala has suddenly decided to be the righteous woman that she should have been.
“Khala: agar yeh jhooti hoti to iss waqt tumhari tarah cheekh rahi hoti, itni pursukoon na hoti,” khala says. 
This dialogue hits home, and reminds me of a line by Hakeem ul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.
“Muttaqi hamesha pursukoon hota hai aur gunehgar hawasbakhta.”
– Hakeem ul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.
Long story short, khala and Ayesha kick out Haidar from the house. Well, that was quite something. But that isn’t the closure. Haidar goes to the hospital. Despite the security guards stopping him, he barges in, only to see a notice against him. The notice mentions his heinous acts and announces 10000 rupees to whoever reports him. All the employees chase Haidar out of the hospital, and he eventually runs into cops. 
Now, that’s what we call CLOSURE! Remember Rachel? Oh, found it.

Hilmand is back to Laspiran 

To my disappointment, Hilmand doesn’t reach Haidar’s house. But when Sheherzade comes home, Hilmand is nowhere to be found. And guess where is he? He’s back to Laspiran. And he doesn’t seem happy with his friends for some reason. I don’t understand him.

Mastan Singh lies, haw!!! 

Zargoona talks to Mastan Singh about the attack. She knows for sure (almost) that it was Mastan. To my surprise, Mastan refutes all allegations and suspicions. 
“Nahin bibi, maine kuch nahin kiya,” Mastan Singh says.
He sounded just as innocent as my nephew who refuses anything and everything wrong that he ever does. 
Badam Gul’s interruption throughout the conversation was so much fun, and so was his conversation later on with Gul Meena. He takes full credit for Mastan Singh’s lies. Anywho, Zargoona believes Mastan Singh.
She isn’t the only one who has let go of her doubts. Haji Marjaan also believes, finally, that Hikmat has nothing to do with the attack on Hilmand. The only difference between Mastan Singh and Hikmat is that Hikmat is really telling the truth.
I am curious to know how Zargoona will behave when she learns that Mastan Singh lied through his teeth.


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Shabana Mukhtar