Drama Review | Mor MoharaN | TV One | Cast & Characters

Mor Moharan is an upcoming Drama Serial at TV One.


Production : TV One
OST : Mor Moharan
Singer : Amanat Ali
Composer: Naveed Nashad
Lyrics; Khalil ullah Farooqui
Director: Owais Khan
Editor : Jibran Maniar
Dop : Zulfiqar Ali
Writer: Ali Moeen
Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan

[Source: TV One YouTube channel]

Cast & Characters


Zahid Ahmed as Ahmad Khan Gardezi

The stud himself.

Sonya Hussyn as Rohi

Salma Asim as Heer

Rohi’s mother

Rohi's mother
Rohi’s mother

Firdaus Jamal as Malook Shah aka Shah ji

Rohi’s father

Rohi's father
Rohi’s father


Samia Mumtaz as Almas Rani aka Bibi Jaan

Mustafa Changezi as Sikandar

Bibi Jaan’s son who’s coming back home after ages. One could see that he is happy to see her mother but also has a lot grudges and complaints about many things, of which we will learn in coming episodes.

Shahryar Zaidi

Bibi Jaan’s father

Babar Ali as Sher Alam

Bibi Jaan’s trusted employee

Azra Mansoor

Adnan Jaffar

I will add more details once the drama starts.

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