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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

The story of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi revolves around a son of a business tycoon, Shehreyar, who falls in love with Mehak, belonging to a middle-class background.

Some unpleasant events occur during the course and Mehak starts hating Shehreyar; and since Shehreyar’s family does not approve of his relationship, the story tangles up even more.

The drama has some of the biggest names of the industry.

Written By: Radain Shah

Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti

[Source: ARY Digital TV]

The First Timer I Heard About “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi”

The infamous YouTube algorithm knows what’s my poison, so it shows me all the teasers just in time. And then my good friend Liza (who is joining me in this journey of theothermeunfolded.com) also mentioned it. 

The Teasers Are Fab


Stylish, luxurious, expensive, and reeking of money, money, money.

Chamkeela hero, chamchamati cars, chamakti saRkein… Everything is so shiny… I can’t say if I would like the storyline, but the cinematography and the production quality of this drama seems to be excellent. I like.

My Initial Reaction to “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi”

From the first teaser itself, one could tell that this is a story about a man (Danish Taimoor) who will leave no stone unturned to get what he wants even though what he wants is a living, breathing human and not something he can buy.

A man who is willing to go to any length to get the girl he likes–do I like such heroes? Hell no.

Does the teaser intrigue me? Not one bit. It seems like a obsessive lover story which I don’t like.

But I have still decided to give this one a chance, and I have my reasons.

  1. Noman Ejaz is in it, I’m sure he will add to the success of this drama.
  2. I just love Atiqa Odho, period.
  3. Durre Fishan Saleem is a sweetheart. The last time I saw her was as Sanam’s older and reasonable sister Iram in Dilruba.
  4. I want to give Danish Taimoor a try. Now, this one needs some explanation, so read on.

Alright, so I have never watched a Danish Taimoor drama. I have watched a couple of his movies–Wrong Number and Mehrunnisa We Lub U (More things for me to review). He is handsome, and he knows what he is doing. I mean, he is a good actor. But I have always questions his choices in projects. Like Feroze Khan, he chooses to play intense, obsessive,  i-cant-take-no-for-an-answer heroes, and that puts me off. I have never watched his dramas but I think Deewangi, Mehar Posh and Ishq Hai, all are almost the same. This one also shows him to be the rich, spoilt brat who pulls out his gun every second (reminded me of Mir Haadi from Khaani, by the way). 

Speaking of Feroze Khan, he has chosen another role like Hamza in Ishqiya, Mir Haadi in Khaani, Mustajab in Aye Musht-e-Khak. Yes, he is playing Basir in Habs, betrayed by his own mother in the past, and as his past haunts him he has trust issues with women in general. He belongs to a well-to-do but broken family. Sounds too familiar, right? 

The point I’m making here is, both Feroze Khan and Danish Taimoor need to choose more diverse projects.

All said and done, this is going to be my first Danish Taimoor drama, and I’m excited. Who knows? Maybe it will be better than I expect… 🙂


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Shabana Mukhtar