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Yep, it’s that time of the day. There are a lot of dramas starting post Ramzan, and it only benefits my little blog that I cover them ALL.

Well, not all, but I  will try to cover as many as I can. Let’s start with Fraud.

The First Timer I Heard About “Fraud”

I first heard about Fraud when Saba Qamar appeared for an interview. That interview was great fun, because it is always fun to listen to Saba Qamar being the badass, bindass woman that she is. I also came to know that several of her projects are releasing shortly. One of them being Fraud.

My Initial Reaction to “Fraud”

Just wow!

That was my first reaction when I first watched the teasers. And, if teasers are a true reflection of how good the drama will be, this one is going to be a success.

The teasers are cut to intrigue the viewers and pull them in like a blackhold sucks in everything around it. I have already watched the teasers three times. That’s how much I like ’em.

The Teasers Are Fab

Now, let’s get to it.

The first teaser shows Ahsan Khan. From his first looks as he gets down from a swanky car and walks in narrow lanes with puddles of water to his desi avatar in red open-colloar kurta; he looks badass. Come to think of it, he hasn’t chosen a positive role in a while now. From Udari to Qissa Meherbano Ka to now in Meray Humnasheen, all his roles are negative. So, I guess this goes with his current trend. But boy does he look hot.

And then the second teaser was out. This one had the queen herself–Saba Qamar. In white kurta and churidaar and high heels with sparkling red dupatta, Saba looks like a newlywed bride who’s husband failed to board the train. She’s hurt, vulnerable, devastated; and her eyes says it all. She looks ravishing, and the teaser looks promising, we like.

The third teaser shows Mikal Zulfiqar. While the first two teasers have a local setting, presumably Lahore for Ahsan, and Lahore for Saba, this one is set abroad, presumably London. He sitting  with a young girl. When he took the shades off, I held my breath for a moment. Smouldering…

There is one thing common in these three people — they don’t age. If anything, Saba looks prettier and more confident now than ever. And the same goes for Mikal and Ahsan. Pehle both used to look a bit chomu, but now they set the screen on fire.

Fraud is slated to release on May 14, 2022 replacing Sinf-e-Aahan that just ended this Saturday. The only other drama I watch is Ibn-e-Hawwa, and I’m not too thrilled about it. I’m really excited and looking forward to this drama Fraud.


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Shabana Mukhtar