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Sang-e-Maah Episode 24 Written Update and Review

As usual, I had conveniently forgotten to review the latest episode of Sang-e-Maah. This was another fast-paced and perfect episode.
 This episode can be summed up in five key events. Let’s get to them one by one.

Hilmand Khan meets Masha’allah Khan 

From the previous episode , we know that Hilmand doubts his mother’s sworn words. He meets his grandfather to seek the truth. Masha’allah Khan admits that Nasrullah Khan had done a ghag on Zarsanga, and that he didn’t like Zarsanga one bit. 

While Masha’allah Khan does ask Hilmand to stay for dinner, and his uncles also welcome him; it is evident that these are mere words, and that this family isn’t happy to see Hilmand. Of course, someone coming back after decades (Hilmand must be in his thirties, right?) might ask for his share in the properties. This family isn’t willing to accept another heir in the properties. Little do they know that Hilmand is beyond these things.

Later, Sheherzade Masha’allah Khan sends his sons to Laspiran to enquire why Hilmand suddenly showed up. Upon learning of Nasrullah’s alleged murder, he vows to avenge.

O teri! New phadda coming Zarsanga’s way.

Awwal Khan’s tooti-phooti dua

Awwal Khan and Sheherzade are trying to find Hilmand. The elderly man asks Sheherzade to do a dua, but she refuses. Our dear Awwal Khan then offers to do dua himself if Sheherzade says “amen”.

Awwal Khan’s dua was so real, so funny, and so touchy. He is unashamedly and unabashedly anari when it comes to seek from Allah, and yet his dua was so complete. Ek hum hain, dua maangte hi nahin. Seekho, nalayqon, kuch seekho.

I am gone, Hilmand tells Sheherzade

Sheherzade finds Hilmand (with help of Awwal Khan) of course, but she tells Hilmand that she found him on a whim. Poetic reasons.

“Main ja chuka hoon,” Hilmand says and leaves Sheherzade alone in the jungle.

Their conversation was so beautiful and so meaningful. This is the kind of romance I love the most-subtle, gentle, kind.

Hilmand is still confused

Hilmand meets Shah Saheb with his dilemma, again. He still thinks that Zarsanga has lied to him as he is confident of Haji Marjaan’s involvement in Nasrullah’s murder. He acts dumb at times. I mean, it is possible that Haji Marjaan and Zarsanga both are involved in the murder, right? Itna confusion kya hai?

Shah Saheb is so sorted; instead of giving any advice, he asks Hilmand to forgive and let go. I hope Hilmand listens to him this time.

Jirga jirga khelenge

Haji Marjaan meets Masha’allah Khan and his crew (2 sons and a few grandsons). If Masha’allah Khan was trying to intimidate Haji Marjaan, the attempt fails miserably. Haji Marjaan can see through the bravado and fake angst of this family. He knows what Masha’allah Khan really wants from him.

“Bring your peeps whenever you want, we will play jirga-jirga,” Haji Marjaan tells Masha’allah Khan and leaves them to ponder of his offer.

What swag man! Simply loved the last minute of the episode.

As usual, eagerly waiting for the next episode.


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Shabana Mukhtar