Favourite Drama List | Ayesha Khan

The woman with droopy eyes and pouty lips, I have always had mixed feelings about Ayesha Khan, but she does know her way in front of the camera. This is a list of all the dramas in the order that I’ve seen her work. I realize that I haven’t reviewed any of these dramas. I have so much to do, really.

Badi Aapa

The other woman in badi aapa’s life.

Fazia in Mehram

The hijabi woman who gets widowed and is forced to marry her dewar.

Kulsoom in Shukk

The shakki woman who can’t tolerate the thought of saukan, but ends up getting one.

Ubaida in Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Thha


Izzat in Kaafir

A woman who is raped and then vowed to avenge the misdeed. One of her best performances.   ~~~ Until we meet again, check out my books on Amazon. You can subscribe for Kindle Unlimited for free for the first month, just saying 🙂

Shabana Mukhtar