Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 8



Sang-e-Maah Episode 8 Written Update and Review

This episode was a bit overwhelming for me. I was already overwhelmed emotionally and exhausted physically. Given the state I was in, I didn’t feel it was just to review the episode.
This series is such a well-written and well-executed script. Each character is crafted and designed in its entirety. Whether it’s Badam Gul or Mastan Singh, Sabz Ali or Awwal Khan, everyone has an important role to play. They aren’t just props.
Let’s quickly cover the plot summary of this episode. 
Sheherzade meets Hilmand and falls in love with him. Their conversation was interesting and philosophical and romantic. Hilmand also gives his chador to Sheherzade. Sheherzade leaves to go back to her city but she has lost her heart to Hilmand. When she arrives at office, her boss is fired, and a lecherous man has taken over. He hits on Sheherzade, offers her the job in exchange of “chilling for one night”. Sheherzade rejects the offer, throws the papers on his face and leaves. As she walks out, she wraps Hilmand’s chador as a protective shell around her. Both of these scenes were good, so good.
Through Badam Gul, we learn what jirga had decided in Asadullah versus Mastan Singh case. Zargoona was 6-months pregnant when Asadullah was killed. Mastan Singh offers to serve Zargoona, because he didn’t know about the death of unborn child. This scene shows us so many things. 1. Mastan Singh is guilty and repenting. 2. He chose to be a servant instead of walking free. 3. Badam Gul was Asadullah Khan’s good friend. 4. Gul Meena is very close to both Badam Gul and Mastan Singh.
We also learn that Marjaan can go to any length to get rid of the nuisance of his paths. He got rid of Nasrullah in the past, and he asks Awwal Khan to kill Hilmand under the facade of protecting Sheherzade. The man is shrewd.
This was yet another scintillating episode filled with brilliant performances. Like I said, it was overwhelming, in a good way.


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Shabana Mukhtar