Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 9



Sang-e-Maah Episode 9 Written Update and Review

Life has gotten too confusing these days. I feel like I have zero decision power, like literally nil. I’m expected to make a big decision about my blog, and I’m confused AF. 
But that confusion didn’t stop me from enjoying the 9th episode 
This episode unravels more mysteries from the past. We see how Hilmand learned about the truth–how Marjaan Khan tool Hakeem Guru Bakhsh’s help to kill Nasrullah. Atif has aced that scene. I mean, so far his role was to mouth beautifully written dialogues but had little margin to emote. In this episode we see him cry, we see him freeze, we see him struggle with his inner conflict. And boy does he score full marks in all those tests. Atif Aslam has been a treat to watch, and such a revelation. So impressed!
Zargoona meets Hilmand and learns about his motive of doing ghag for Gul Meena. Woh kehte hain na sau sunar ko ek lohar ki? Zargoona wins the conversation by announcing that Gul Meena and Hikmat love each other. Ouch!
On Sheherzade’s side, she meets boss who’s a nice and kind lady, who can read Sheherzade like an open book. I loved this boss lady. I hope to see more of Nadia Afgan.
The episode ends as Hikmat stands in front of his own mother. Abhi aur raita phailna hai… I wish this series was a webs series. I would have liked to binge it.
This episode was superb in terms of performance. Whether it’s Hilmand slapping his forehead when he learns that Hikmat and Gul Meena like each other
Or Sheherzade’s boss smiling when she rightly guesses that Sheherzade is in love
When Sheherzade confesses of her love for Hilmand
When Gul Meena asks her mother to let go and forgive everyone
When Zargoona asks Gul Meena to marry Hilmand
Just wow!!!


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Shabana Mukhtar