Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 23

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 23 written update and review

I thought I had missed an episode but I guess not.

So, this is the finale episode, the last episode of Sinf-e-Aahan.

We see all the cadets talking to their families and readying for the passing out parade. Things look good, but then they hear a news that many soldiers are injured including Daniyal. Rabia loses her calm. The mask of her fake bravado peels off, and she cries like a baby. It was a beautifully shot scene, and Sajal Ali shows us that she is a sweetheart for a reason. Excellent performance by Sajal.


But that wasn’t the most emotional scene. The best scene of this episode was the final face-off between Mahjabeen and Rabia. Major Samia and Major Osama both take a call that Mahjabeen should lead the platoon. Mahjabeen talks to Rabia and convinces her to be strong and finish off what she had started. The two bury their hatchet, finally.

We also learn why Daniyal didn’t marry Mahjabeen. It was such a silly and stupid reason that I had to roll my eyes.


But Rabia finally does lead the platoon and even win an honour at the passing out ceremony. I liked the quite reassurance on Mahjabeen’s face while Rabia is still unsure if she could lead the platoon. So so good.


The passing out parade was a lot of fun. Everyone posed for a photo with their families.

When she comes back, she’s momentarily taken aback to see Nasr but she keeps a strong face. And then she is heartbroken to see Daniyal in bed, but she keeps a strong face, again. Very well done.


Nasr and Rabia’s little scene after that was so cute, and it was rewarding to see them together, finally.


And then we meet all the cadets back with their families, each introducing themselves, chills, literal chills.


This episode was perfection. I mean, after every scene I would feel that this was the best scene of this episode, but the next scene proved me wrong. A perfect finale for an almost perfect drama.


Signing out!!!

What do others feel about this episode?

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