Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 7

A little recap of episode 5 of Sinf-e-Aahan

All the girls and their families have arrived at PMA, Kakul. The parents are worried and rightly so.

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 7 written update and review


This episode is all about orientation, and it’s hilarious. We see parents worrying and fussing about their daughters while officers lie through their teeth.

Kumail isn’t entirely happy about Mahjabeen’s decision. He therefore asks if he could anything, anything at all.

“Just pray that I pass out as the best cadet,” Mahjabeen.
“Whatever is best for the army,” Kumail says.

He also thinks that Mahjabeen wouldn’t survive PMA.

Mahjabeen’s parents, however, are now on-board, even proud of her decision. That’s a welcome change. But their happiness doesn’t last long. Why? Because Mahjabeen calls them to come back. She can’t keep more than two bags.

Platoon officer Major Sania checks their bags. Make-up and heels aren’t allowed, so Mahjabeen calls her parents again. Oh my god. I feel for the driver. He’s moving in circles. After handing over her makeup, Mahjabeen hugs her mother.

Wait, there is more. She has brought her car, and asks her platoon officer where to park it. She can’t have a car, so guess what? Yeah, you guessed it right. Call parents again. This time she hands over the keys, and hugs both her parents. While this is funny, we must give her credit. She doesn’t want to go back. Yet.


The walk to the company line was fun, so much fun as drill staff keeps scolding the girls.

So, the girls are paired as roommates. And I immediately remembered the scene from Ehd-e-Wafa. Gulzar Hussain singing “Allah kare ti”. What a phenomenal drama that was! Not that this is any less engaging.

Rabia is paired with Shaista, who is Mahjabeen’s loyal friend. Shaista tries to mimic Rabia while putting her books on the bookshelf. That scene was funny and cute as Rabia teases Shaista without uttering a word. But how come they both had same books? PMA ka syllabus hota hai kya?

Needless to say, that Periwesh is Mahjabeen’s roommate.

Arzoo and Tashi are roommates. It makes perfect sense. They are both very sincere. Oh, by the way, why is she hiding the truth that she knows Urdu?


Sidra is paired with another cadet Noor. Sidra keeps us entertained throughout the episode.

When drill staff Shahid Afridi orders them loudly:

Yeh itni unchi awaz kahan se nikali hai iss ne?

When platoon officer is welcoming them to their rooms:

Awaz bhi badal gayi aur andaz bhi

She has brought lights and flowers to decorate her room. And she even expects an award or something. It was fun to see her disappointed.


We see a detailed tour as the platoon officer shows them around and tells them about rules and regulations m

No calls are allowed in first term, no canteen allowed in tbe first three terms, no kitchen usage allowed in the first term; why is the platoon officer showing them around? She could have done the tour after the first term was over, no?

Jalane ke liye, Mahjabeen guesses.

While this was a fun sequence, there is a flaw. The whole session was in Urdu. How does Tashi understand that?


Did anyone think that this episode focused on Mahjabeen? The first three episodes showed Shaista and her family more. Now, it’s Mahjabeen’s turn. I guess we will see them all one by one.

What to expect from episode 8 of Sinf-e-Aahan?

Some of these girls might give up already. PMA isn’t easy.

What do others feel about this episode?

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