Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10: It Gets Better With Every Episode

Hello and welcome to ‘the other me unfolded”. I am here with my review of 10th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa, the most awaited drama these days.

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Shahzain gives his consent for marrying Rani.Chaudhary’s son is bitter towards Malak Allah Yaar but Chaudhary explains that he has plans to increase his voter base by marrying Rani to Malaks.I love the way Rani and Shahzain exchange naughty glances. Rani and Shahzaib go out to play cricket. Shahzaib may be little but knows how to play his card.Inside, the family is discussing their alliance. Shahzain’s mother and Rani’s brother aren’t happy.Rani, oh my god, what a drama queen she is. I love the scene how she pretends to be shocked when Shahzaib brings Shahzain out for playing cricket.He congratulates her for passing the exam and she congratulates him back. Why?

آپ کو مبارک ہو کہ میں آپ کے پاس ہوں۔


They have along training event “cross country” planned for them.Their trek is so exciting, from start to end. I felt like running myself. It is a big deal because I don’t even feel like walking much.Their paltoon needs to prepare for the competition. Saad takes the lead and encourages his platoon to prepare for a win, IN ONE NIGHT.

سعد: جیتنے کے لیے ایک رات بھی کافی ہے۔ ہارنے کے لیے تو پوری زندگی پڑی ہے۔
گلزار: آہا! یہ بات کر کے تو نے میرے مردہ ضمیر کو جگا دیا ہے۔ اللہ کی قسم، سمجھ تو نہیں آئی مجھے۔ لیکن تو نے جس پریشر سے بات کی ہے نا۔ مجھے لگ رہا ہے کوئی کام کی بات ہے۔ میں تیرے ساتھ ہوں۔

The platoon is reluctant and two of them refuse to join them. But, they  cannot sleep. So, off they go and join others.The parade / competition is awesome and beautifully shot. They win!


Shahryar is teaching his sisters Amna and Mariyam as Masooma brings tea for him.For whatever reasons, Shahryar doesn’t like that Masooma does house work instead of focusing on studies. He scolds her a bit too strictly. Masooma doesn’t mind one bit.


Sharique goes and confronts the technician who is an accomplice of Jagjit Pehelwan. They argue as Sharique is beyond angry. Sharique’s accomplice, his friend Jawad asks him to stay out of it but Sharique is adamant. Sharique comes home to overhear his sister’s conversation about ‘the guest’ coming over in the evening.Sharique brings the chairs from his friend Raza’s place. You can sense the excitement and you know boom is nearing.

Sharique simply walks out from there. He doesn’t return home and his mother and sister are upset, obviously. Then, Sharique is home and shouts at Ghazala for wanting to marry a corrupt man.


Ghazala announces, “Shauhar hai wo mera.”

Tah dah daahh!

And that’s where the episode ends. Now, that’s a resolution and cliffhanger rolled into one.


The PMA and army’s grandeur and discipline is interesting to watch.

Osman Khalid Butt looks good, acts well. I just wish his voice had a bit loch. Do you understand what I mean?

Wahaj is so handsome!

Ahmad Ali Akbar looks great in Salwar kameez and the way he sits on that takht is so natural, so real and so unlikely. Kudos to him and the director. I admit, I just wanted to mention Saifi Hassan. The man is talented, good-looking and I am a fan.

As usual, Rani’s performance is the best of the lot.

What do you feel about this episode?Shabana Mukhtar