Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 13 | SSG is over

Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 13th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa, one of the most awaited dramas.

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Saad & PMA

The platoon is enjoying the night camp by dancing and singing. One after the other, they sing songs and one song about friendship gets our soldier all emotional.

After a soulful and hilarious prayer by Gulzar, they eat dinner.

Gulzar has put a lot of salt by mistake and all of them have to starve. Even their officer refuses to help them, but not before teaching an important lesson – don’t rely on one person.

Yarmuk is over and the officers announce that they need to shortlist cadets for Royal Military Academy.

Haris, Gulzar and Saad ramble about the selection. The exams take place. Saad is selected for RMA and Haris is backup.

Shahzain, Rani and their romance

Malak Allah is preparing for Shahzain’s engagement. So, upon Mulazim Hussain’s suggest, one of the singer is finalized.

Shahzain goes to pick up Sharique and Shahryar.

Rani’s brother insists that Chaudhary should make the Malaks promise their support in elections. We can sense another subplot building gradually.

The singing function begins and the singer is quite an item. Shahryar and Sharique are joking about Sa’ad. Shahzain asks them to keep quiet and Sharique apologize but Shahryar doesn’t.

A very wise speech by Shahryar. Bravo, Shahryar!

Despite their slightly bitter conversation, Shahryar and Sharique enjoy the not-so-great singer. Shahryar’s words ring in Shahzain’s ears and enrages her to the point that he breaks the harmonium.

It is only Shahryar who feels for the singer.

Malak asks Shahryar for the backstory and Shahryar tells him everything. Malak offers Shahzain to avenge his insults but Shahzain refuses, thereby passing the grandfather’s test.

A servant comes to inform that Shahzain wants Shahryar should leave.

Sharique confronts Shahzain and eventually leaves, too, saying, “our friendship has reached its expiry date. Be happy!”

Shahzain is so stuck on “insult”. Saad insulted me, Shahryar insulted me in front of you, and dada and whatnot. Why, Shahzain? Why? And, if you were so upset and all tears, why don’t you fix your actions?

And, we finally see Rani during the engagement.


Brilliant performances by all the boys. The boys performed well. And it sounds like a captain of cricket team is talking.

I admit that the plot summary covers almost the entire episode but there are sooo many good scenes that I can’t help myself.

What do you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar