Qismat | Episode 16 | Still Hanging In the Middle

  Qismat Cast and Characters and Review of Episode 1 through 13

14th episode review


Drama, so much drama.

Asiya is worried about Soha as her phone is still off. Nasir is a puppet in Qudsiya’s hands and is willing to do everything that she asks him to do, despite Asiya’s bad mood. Giving more preference to sister over wife, hmmm. It is either that or the vice versa. Why can’t men by fair and just?

Soha is crying inconsolably in Rahab’s room. Rayan is also reminiscing the confrontation with Waleed. By the way, Waleed’s acting doesn’t impress at all.

Next morning, Rayan comes to wake her up for breakfast. He is mesmerized by the sleeping beauty. Who wouldn’t be?

Minal looks very pretty. I like Aiman better but nonetheless.

Rasheda is showing tantrums and Shabbeer is trying knock some sense in her.

اپنے رویہ میں نرمی لاؤ۔ سخت رویہ انسان کو توڑ دیتے ہیں۔

Well said!

Asiya talks to Rayan and he asks her the reason for kicking Soha out. No, she doesn’t tell him the truth. She says, “because you refused to accept Soha as your wife, Nasir is very upset and threw her out of the house.”

Really? Is that how you justify a wrongdoing? Uff!

Shabbeer and Soha talk, but I wasn’t interested in what they ar saying. It wasn’t something new, anyway. I was thinking, where did she get another dress? She was empty handed when she was kicked out, right?

Soha hasn’t eaten anything so Rayan takes it upon himself to feed her. Awnnn!

رایان: کھانا کیوں نہیں کھایا؟

سوہا: دل نہیں چاہ رہا۔

رایان: دل کی سننے والے کہیں کے نہیں رہتے۔

Rasheda is venting out her frustration about Soha and she overhears it.

First, she cries, because that is more important. Later, she asks Rayan to drop her to a girls hostel. He refuses, but not without giving a clear message that “it is not your home and it will never be.”

Wah, mukarrar irshad, bhai jaan.


Why is the actor playing Rasheda always loud and why does she get only negative character?

Be it Sameena in Deewar-e-Shab or Mrs Ghauri in Yeh Dil Mera or Rasheda in this, she’s always screaming.

Typecasting is one thing that she’s getting only one kind of roles, but is it too much to expect some variety in acting?

At least voice can be modulated, right?

No? Okay.



Now, Rasheda is still bitter. Let’s see what the next episode unfolds.

Shabana Mukhtar