Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 14 | An honest woman can always speak her mind

Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 14th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa, one of the most awaited dramas.

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Saad & PMA

Saad refuses to join RMA. But his officer teaches him that personal choices should never be beyond military’s prerogative.

Saad is bkme. Rameen overhears Saad’s conversation with Dua. She tells him that their parents are discussing his marriage.

Saad’s mother is a doctor and a very kind hearted one at that. She checks one patients asks her about her financial background and offers to treat and give medicines for free.

Saad and Dua meet at the park and Raheel sees them together. Lai, nawa katta…

Simply love the way Dua handles Raheel. If you’re reading this review, you must watch it.

It doesn’t stop there. Ayesha orders that Dua should stop meeting Saad, because she says and I quote. “Kyunki main keh rahi hoon.”

Dua explains the situation to her dad and taya. She goes so far to say that she’d stop talking to Saad but also refuses to be engaged to Raheel. Raheel is the typical man who can only taunt the woman.

Saad and Gulzar have a new Murgha to rag around.

Shahzain, Rani and their romance

Rani sends her picture to Shahzain and then calls him, asking for his real feelings, offering to do a video call. The girl is so dramatic and gutsy. Shahzain is so disturbed by his friends’ supposed betrayal, that he opens his heart in front of Rani.

Shahryar’s Track

Shahryar comes home and starts bickering with Masooma. Masooma isn’t very naïve, either. Their dialogue was so cute.


I love the fast track scene where all characters are progressing in their respective lives.

I have never seen her much but Alizeh Shah acts rather well. I’m very impressed. By the way, this is the first time Dua’s track is as elaborated as this episode, except the first episode.

Also, it is worth noticing that in Dua’s track, there are several subtle messages – spoken or otherwise.

  1. It is possible to convey your message across without resorting to shouting, name calling, insulting the other person.
  2. An honest person can always speak the truth without hesitation.
  3. Dua and Saad don’t hide anything from their parents. They also play the voice note they have sent to each other. This comes from a solid confidence that their parents would trust them. And, hiding does more harm than sharing. Of course, this comes from a safe place. If kids are raised to be honest with their parents, only then we see a trust-based relationship, such as Dua and Saad with their respective parents.

I also have a question. What happened to that Pehelwan angle with Sharique?

What do you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar