Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2

Alright, folks! I am here with my review of episode 2 of Ehd-e-Wafa. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters and 1st episode review.

I have a sweeping declaration. I take my words back. Ahad can act, really well. My first impression was massively wrong. He is cute, too.

Plot Summary

The episode aired on 29 September, 2019. The second episode begins with assembly where Khursheed is punished.

This is the second episodes and there are 4 flashbacks already. I don’t like flashbacks much.

The best scene of this episode is when SSG is presented in front of the Principal and they make up shit to get out of punishment. Principal sir calls them Shazain Newton, Shahryar Mandela, Saad Churchil and Sharique. Firdous finds the truth about Saad’s mother’s real date of birth. However, the Principal takes a call to let them go with only canning.

Rani is see bossing around little kids to play cricket. She uses her father’s name Chaudhary Mohiuddin repeatedly. What a fantastic performer Zara is!

Saad runs into Dua. He just keep staring at her. Oh wait, he knows her already. But Shahzain consoles him that his cousin (Raheel) must only be a friend. Awnnn!

Shahzain and Saad follow Dua. Shahzain is bold, courageous and he’s so cute. Sharique and Shahryar are worried about them, naturally. We see the first glimpse of Ehd-e-Wafa – that the friends are loyal to each other.


My biggest problem is the Urdu teacher. He should have been fluent in Urdu with good accent and command over language.

Shahzain gets most dialogues, and rightly so. He delivers it well.

Firdous, the warden’s character is funny although caricature-ish.