Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 3

I am back with my review of third episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters, 1st episode review and 2nd episode review.

Plot Summary

Rani fails in two subjects. Her parents make fun of her. She’s so fun. Her plans are so out of the world and supremely hilarious.  

مجھے رونا آ رہا ہے۔ میں رو کر آتی ہوں۔ 

Then a saga begins when Shahzain tells about Saad’s ishq for Dua. Saad is cute. He even remembers the dates when he had seen her. 

They run into Dua again. Shahzain and Shahryar ruin it for Saad as they narrate the entire story to Dua. 

Raheel hits them. Saad and Raheel end up at the police station. Back at the hostel, Sharique doesn’t want to risk it for Saad, even though Shahzain and Shahryar want to go and help Saad. Saad doesn’t tell on her friends, initially.

Before long, the warden finds out, too. And so does their parents. All families respond differently to the news. 

We see Syed Mohammed Ahmed as Shahzain’s father (grandfather?) Malak Allah Yaar of Malakwaal. This is the first time I see him in a Punjabi role. And he’s proud that Shahzain has been rusticated. 

Laal Khan, Shehryar’s father, who was preparing for a performance with his band Laal Khan & Party, is heart-broken. 

Afzal Khan, Shahryar's father
Afzal Khan, Shahryar’s father

Sharique’s mother is so upset. She beats him up.


Brigadier Faraz gives a nice speech to Saad. Rameen sister. 

Faraz and Saad
Faraz and Saad

Rani and her parents discuss about her repeated failures in board exams. It is a fun scene.


This episode has one of the best lines I have ever heard.

When Faraz finds out about what Saad has done, he says, “Rameen is growing up now. She also goes out with her friends. How would you feel if someone teases her?”

I salute you, Mustafa Afridi. Ahad performed so well in that scene.

Wahaj is also good when his mother beats him up and they both breaks down.

The SSG is on verge of being kicked out of the college. Can’t wait for the next episode.