Drama Review: Chhoti Chhoti Batein – Wajah Tum Ho

Chhoti Chhoti Baatein is a series set to narrate disjoint stories, highlighting the small issues that often tend to ignore. Does that sound familiar? Read this. I’ve more stories planned to be published for Pen To Publish 2019. Stay Tuned!

The story is written by Rida BilalIt is directed by Angeline Malick and is being aired on Hum TV.

I am here with my review of Wajah Tum Ho – the fifth story in Chhoti Chhoti Batein series. You can read the review of the previous stories Bandhan , Mujhe Tum Pasand Ho, Dil Ho Tou Hai and Kuchh Tou Log Kahenge.

The fifth story is titled “Wajah Tum Ho’ and here is my review for the same.

Episode 1

The first episode begins when Saarim (Azfar Rehman) and Haniya’s (Saheefa Jabbar Khattak) son Sunny is planning for a surprise for Saarim. Sunny also buys a gift for his mother because knows Saarim would forget. He desperately wants things to be okay, even prays to Allah that everything goes well. We wonder why that is.

Why? Saarim’s rude and indifferent to his wife and son. He is always thinking about work, worried about boss and deadlines. His son is in a impressionable age and their arguments affect him terribly.

Sunny is a sensitive boy, like any kid would be if he witnesses his parents fight and insult each other every day. He writes, he sketches. He cannot focus on his studies either and hands over blank answer papers for three consecutive days.

On the other side, we see Nadiya (Hira Tareen) and Tanveer (Tipu Sharif ). They are divorce lawyers and a complete contrast to Saarim and Haniya

طلاق عورت کے لیے گالی ہے۔

لیکن خلع تو اس کا حق ہے۔

Episode 2

The second episode progresses the story at a rapid pace.

They fight again and he threatens to leave her. She meets a divorce lawyer and sends a notice for Khula.
They fight again and sunny takes off.

The principal calls for a parent teacher meeting which gives Haniya and Saarim more reasons to fight. They continue to bicker in front of the principal also and she realized the problem.

But do things change? No. They pretend to be nice to each other for two scenes and that all. The other couple is reduced to just show the contrast between a normal couple who respects each other and a problem couple who cannot stop fighting and insulting.

Both are at fault but sunny is more sympathetic for his mother. To be honest, I felt Haniya was more at fault. Fine, Saarim did not give enough time to his family but she talked back with equal fervour. I had the same problem in Shadi Mubarak Ho with Nimra. I mean, thoda tameez se baat kar lo yaar. You’re not different that your husband when you talk-back and throw insults.

Episode 3

The third episode begins on a tense note. Saarim and Haniya are living separately in the same house. Saarim is fired from job, whereas Haniya plans to move to USA with Sunny to her friend Ruby’s house.

Sunny is still upset with both his parents, but decided to go with his mom.
Tanveer and his wife Nadiya will be pitted against each other as they represent Hania and Saarim respectively. Saarim’s loss of job may affect the court’s decision, too. Tanveer wants Saarim and Haniya to reconcile and Nadiya wants him to give up on his case. Misunderstanding make things worse as they fight, constantly.

The problem is on both sides, I’d say. The drama depicts that well.

Episode 4

The fourth episode begins and we see that Tanveer and Nadiya continue to bicker.
The court case leans in Haniya’s favour. However, when Sunny is presented in court, he says that he wants to go to an orphanage. The words he chooses, oh my god! How could the parents allow such a young kids to say such things, even on screen?

Although, Sunny is upset tries to make amends between his parents. He makes them realize that their only problem was their continuous arguments but they did love each other.

Sunny’s efforts bear fruits as both Saarim and Haniya reconsider their decision. Saarim accepts his mistakes in the court, apologizes and takes the case back. 

 Of course, Tanveer and Nadiya resolve their differences and leave us with some wise words. 


That kid, what an actor! He is playing something that is very mature for his age. I don’t feel good when I see this on screen. Zohaib Khan‘s role in Mann Ke Moti was similarly disheartening.

I felt that Nadiya and Tanveer’s angle got too twisted too fast. The resolution was also quick. It did not leave as much impact as it should have.

Azfar used to be so handsome. Has he out on weight or something has changed but he doesn’t look good.


In a relationship, respect comes prior to love. One cannot put all the blame on man or woman alone. The problem is on both sides, I’d say. The drama depicts that well. 

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Happy watching! 

Shabana Mukhtar

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