Drama Review: Chhoti Chhoti Batein – Roop

Chhoti Chhoti Baatein is a series set to narrate disjoint stories, highlighting the small issues that often tend to ignore. Does that sound familiar? Read this. I’ve more stories planned to be published for Pen To Publish 2019. Stay Tuned!

The story is written by Pareesa SiddiquiIt is directed by Angeline Malick and is being aired on Hum TV.

I am here with my review of Roop – the sixth and last story in Chhoti Chhoti Batein series. You can read the review of the previous stories.


Mujhe Tum Pasand Ho

Dil Ho Tou Hai

Kuchh Tou Log Kahenge

Wajah Tum Ho

Episode 1

The episode begins as the protagonist Zeena (Amar Khan) is getting ready for office. She has gorgeous hair (really, like the best hair after Sanam Saeed); fair complexion and big black beautiful eyes. She is slim, too. She’s beautiful, except her dorky glasses and that makes her ugly, how? How? HOW? 

Rubina Ashraf plays Faryal, Zeena’s mother. She clearly has double standards when it comes to treating her daughters. 

Mehmood Aslam plays Jamal, Zeena’s father. He understand her and supports her, like a father should.

Sara Razi is Zara, Zeena’s sister. She is chubby and has a fair complexion. She is not starkly different from Zeena. Yet, somehow, Faryal feels that she has what it takes to be likable. Again, I don’t understand this logic.

On the other side, we see Ryan’s mom Ayesha (Lubna Aslam) and sister Kiran pass mean comments about girls in general. Ryan, the charming Muneeb Butt is the utterly sensitive and sensible guy every girl would want. 

Ayesha and Kiran are at Zeena’s house. They humiliate her for no reason, even though Jamal stands up for his daughter.

Zeena’s works as an Account Manager. Ryan is a business partner in the same firm. We see a very typical corporate scenario here, when someone else tries to take the credit for  the presentation that Zeena has prepared. I feel for her. So relatable. I know, I am not into making presentation and stuff, but stealing credit is a thing in all professions.

Thankfully, in this case, Ryan catches her bluff, finds out that Zeena has worked on the presentation and encourages her to present henceforth. 

Episode 2

Nadiya (Ghana Ali) is his ex, who has left him for another man, Bilal. Ryan is heartbroken and bitter.  

Zeena is a soft spoken, kind hearted person with a voice, an opinion. He drops her home. As one would expect, sparks fly as they share stories about their rejections. 

He stops over for tea, and notices how worries she is about her family. The carrom game is fast forwarded. I wish it was more detailed and with voice. 

Ryan spends good time with her family and as we expect, Faryal starts dreaming his match  – with Zara. 

Talk about being fast? Ryan is much faster, though. He is over his heartache and feels that Zeena is his soulmate. He talks to her but she acts all weird. She will definitely try to sacrifice for her younger sister. Let’s ready for some confusion. 

Zeena lies to her parents about Ryan’s but Zara isn’t as happy. Zara is a YouTuber in the beauty space, by the way. That will come handy for Zeena, for sure.

The confusion is over as Ryan and family visit Zeena’s house. Ayesha talks shit again but Ryan and Zeena resolve things  between them. 

Small observation: She’s reading gone girl. What s book! 

Episode 3 

Their courtship period is fast forwarded too. And boy, does he look cute.  

The mean girl from Zeena’s office again tries to manipulate Zeena into doing her stuff. A new and improved Zeena, however, confronts her. 

Nadiya comes to office, fabricates lies about regretting her decision and befriends him again. Ayesha is behind this masterplan to bring in Nadiya and kick out Zeena. Seriously? 

 Zeena finally decides to do a makeover for him. Seriously? She is all made up like a doll and he shouts at her, for no reason. Later, we see her fumble during the presenation. I wonder if she purposely ruined the presentation.

Episode 4

This episode is OH.SO.LOUD. 

Ayesha invites Zeena and family for dinner. Nope, she’s not changes. It is just another excuse to humiliate her. Jamal reminds Zeena her to not change herself for others. Good fatherly advice, at least someone is being rational. 

As expected, Ayesha humiliates Zeena during the party. For a change, Zeena’s family stands by her side, even her mother. 

A small conversation also points out the disparity in professional life – how some people progress only based on PR and how the really deserving ones often don’t get their dues.

She resigns and gets a new job. This time, she tries to be less dorky and more confident and takes charge of her job from the get go. 

And she runs into him, again. 

Episode 5

Zeena agrees to marry a widower with two kids.  

Nadiya doesn’t want to be present for Kiran’s rishta. She’s a step ahead in lying. Tit for tat. 

Kiran gets rejected by Amir & family. She cannot deal with rejection and is depresses. Ryan gives her a nice pep talk, making her realize that what she had done and said to other girls, wasn’t right. Ayesha sees Nadiya with Bilal. She confronts Nadiya, refuses for their alliance as both women talk about their mean plans. Ryan walsk in just in time and listens to everything. Cliché. Ryan and Nadiya break up for good. 

Ayesha and Kiran reliaze their mistakes, apologize and things are all set. 


The performances are just what you’d expect from each character.

Mehmood Aslam deserves more roles like this where he can show his acting skills.

Zeena is a terrific actor. It is the first time I saw her and I am impressed. You go girl!

Muneeb isn’t just handsome. He acts well, too. It feels good to see him opposite someone who’s not Aiman. I know he has worked with other actresses, but most of his work that I have watched shows the real life couple. Good job, Muneeb!

Do you see Lubna Aslam as elite mother? This is what I am talking about in my post about Alif’s cast and characters. I love how she switches to a character from lower class and upper class with such ease. 

Ghana Ali’s portrayal of Nadiya as a self centered rich brat is so terrific. She reminds me of her role in Besharam.


We shouldn’t see girls and reject, check. I like how they addressed the issue that looks should not be the criteria to judge people, but she wasn’t ugly. She liked being simple. What’s wrong with that?

Both mothers are a bit too extreme on their idealogy and talk too bluntly. I don’t think it was required for the story. Also, the change of heart was very sudden. I could not digest it. 

The resolution was TOO quick. Ayesha and Kiran arrive at Zeena’s place to apologize. It is her Nikaah day. One chat with Zeena and we see them exchanging rings and clicking pictures. What happened to Salman, the guy she was about to marry?

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Happy watching! 

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