Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 21 | Shahryar Steals The Episode

Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 21st episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

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Shahryar, the sharp assistant commissioner is at work and guess who he sees there? Firdous, the warden…

He treats him like one should for their teachers, no matters where we’ve reached.

I told you, I like Shahryar’s character. He’s a man of principals and very less emotions.

Firdous Baig can’t see anymore. He has a widow and Khursheed is in jail. Ahmad Ali Akbar nails the scene as a heartbroken student. As does Khursheed (I am forgetting actor’s name).

That’s enough drama and tragedy. The scene changes and we see some feel good moments with Sa’ad.

Sa’ad is back and his family is all set to get him hitched. He meets Dua and her mother. Their romance is quite realistic and their banter is cheeky and adorable.

Dua meets Sa’ad and his family. They are polite and welcoming as expected. Sa’ad also insists that Dua’s mother would live with them. Dua is happy. Bachhi ki sasural badi achhi hai.

Alright, let’s see first proof of Ehd-e-Wafa. Shahryar is determined to get justice for Firdous and his family. Incidentally, Haji Shafique is involved in it, the same guy Sharique refused to interview and resigned. It also hints on Sharique’s involvement in the whole matter. Or perhaps, Shahzain as well. Because Haji Shafique is a big fish.

I am hardly wrong. Sharique suggests that they bring in Malak Shahzain but Shahryar wants to deal with it on his own.

The goons interrupt Sharique’s video. Their entire conversation is captured on camera.

Malak Shahzaib is in Islamabad, showing off his brother’s cars etc to his friends. But his bhabhi maa is quite a match for him.

Sa’ad runs into Malak Shahzain. They’re still the same bickering kids. Grow up, boys! Come on, hug it out.

That’s the review, guys. How was your weekend?

Shabana Mukhtar