Qismat | Episode 24

The episode begins at a good note. Rayan and Soha finally agree to be with each other.

Now, the not-so-great part. They send the nanny back home to enjoy some alone time. Ahem!

What were you thinking, stupid peeps? Your mother will find out about it. She ain’t gonna like it, you know.

Nasir reminisces Soha and Maham’s childhood. He seems to regret his actions now.

Rasheda’s friend Seema tells her about the supposed honeymoon in Murrey. Bach ke rehna, she warns Rasheda.

They return and their casual interaction worries Rasheda. In turn, Soha is worried and stays up all night. In turn, Rayan is worried, too. Chain of worries.

Nasir breaks down and admits that he regrets what he has done. He cannot be upset with Soha, not anymore. Quite emotional scene. Awain aankhein bheeg gayin.

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Shabana Mukhtar