Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 8

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Ozge is jealous and steals Nisan’s favourite locket that her father has gifted her.

Yildiz and her brother threatens Melik and order her to bring his proposal for Yildiz.

Ayla is still upset after Berzan’s departure from the hospital.

Today’s weird patient Handan is a wannabe psychic and palmist. Nisan is immediately impressed by her. She also tells Sinan that her kidney came to her dream to inform that she doesn’t take care of it. Wow! Nisan believes that crap, too.

Of course, it is a romantic comedy so her instincts are right and her kidneys indeed have problem. Sinan leaves Handan with Nisan and takes Ozge to her conference.

A jealous Nisan follows them to the conference. Ozge tries to dominate Sinan for not wearing a suit, for not keeping his buttons undone. Sinan doesn’t like her gossipy and dominating nature. I like him casual, by the way.

Nisan and Ayla gatecrash the conference but incidentally the card Nisan picks is scheduled to give a keynote speech. Hahahaha…. She confidently goes to the podium, and blabbers her way on morality.

All is well that ends well. Ozge talks rudely to Nisan and Ayla. Sinan screams at Ozge for being a two face bitch. Then, she yells at the waitress.
Later, he also finds Nisan’s locket with Ozge.

Nisan and Ayla are binging on ice-cream and then decide to go to nearest cafe when Abid, Nisan’s childhood friend, makes an entry. He’s quite a character. He talks nonstop, just like Nisan. He is also an emotional blackmailer, a melodramatic overactor and full of himself.

Melik and his mother meet Yildiz, her four brothers and her father. Her family doesn’t say no, Melik faints.

Berzan calls Nisan to ask about Ayla but he is shocked to see Ayla with another man. That man was a flirt but Berzan doesn’t know it, not yet. He calls Sinan and asks to meet him, outside, so he wouldn’t have to see Ayla.

They have a man to man talk. Berzan never left Istanbul. Legal complications. Sinan confesses that Nisan might be annoying but she has a heart of gold. He tries his best to pamper her.

Abid is a joker but he knows the Nisan and Sinan love each other. He blackmails her into taking him to the hospital. He’s like Nisan multiplied by a million. In front of Sinan, Abid declares that he’s Nisan’s boyfriend. Now, the team (Nisan, Abid and Ayla) are up against jealous handsome man Sinan.

Abid also helps to translate a German patient’s words. He does a fabulous job of making Sinan more jealous.

Ayla is ecstatic to see Berzan but he acts cold. I never like such plot lines. I mean, if there is a misunderstanding, say it out loud, discuss and clarify. Why do people keep the hatred burried inside and torture themselves and others, is beyond me.

Yildiz comes with a lot of snacks and beverages to celebrate their engagement.

Nisan kicks Abid out of the hospital. Berzan and Ayla are playing ankh micholi, as are Nisan and Sinan. Uff!

Sinan and Nisan are in the elevator, there is a power failure. He comforts her and they are almost about to kiss. The episode ends there. Wait some more, you viewers.

Shabana Mukhtar