Ishqiya | Episode 2

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise.


The interest quotient is low because ARY Digital has already revealed most of the story, much like they did for Thora Sa Haq. Sab pehle se bata diya. Whatever is not written, I can predict well. Why should I watch it?

For content, what else?

So, this episode begins as Mr and Mrs Siddiqui discuss his liver problem. He is desperate to hide it from his daughters bit Rumi overhears it. She’s the better daughter, anyway. I mean, she has a clear head, not involved with anyone, yet.

She cries her eyes out, worried about her father. Hamna is worried, too, but her way of expression is different. She’s stone-faced and stoic, hurting inside.

I like that Rumi is shown praying, without stressing on it, just one passing shot. Museebat mein Allah yaad aata hai na.

Hamza’s annoying family annoys again as his mother discusses his wedding. She has already selected Alishba Khawar for Hamza. What’s with mother’s wanting to marry off their sons per their choice? It is the same in all classes, is it? I mean… The boys should have a say.

Rumi is desperately looking for Siddiqui Sahab’s file. She wants to know more, just like a caring daughter should. She starts planning how she will redecorate their room. I like her spirit. Upset, yet determined to try everything in her power, and ready to bring smiles on her family’s face.

Hamna calls Hamza but he is too short tempered too hear her out. But when they meet, he proposes to send his proposal.

Parting Thoughts

I don’t like Hamza. He is extremely unlikable. I can’t bear to imagine that Rumi will be married to that mad man. Argh!

Also, too many flashbacks. Same scenes repeated over and over again. Uff!

Shabana Mukhtar