Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 23 | Shahzain is Shot

Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 23rdd episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

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Dua is expecting and Sa’ad is at LOC. The thought that he might die just squeezes my heart.

Shahzain is hell bent on running for the elections. He is constantly arguing with Waqar and Maher Chaudhary. That’s fine. But why did he play the “contacts” card? Why did he use Shahryar’s name?

Shahryar isn’t a big Shahzain fan and Sharique is still unsure who he should side with. Shahzain is shot, no prizes for guessing who has done it.

The conversation at the hospital plants a suspicion in Shahryar’s mind. Sa’ad also listens to the news on radio. Bhai waah! Dosti ho to aisi!

Shahzain is out of danger. As soon as Sa’ad hears this, the shooting begins at the border. Sa’ad is in danger now. Oh, gawd!

Shahzain doesn’t say it but Rani knows who has attacked Shahzain. Shahzain’s explanation is spot on. For once, we know that he isn’t as spoilt as we think him to be. Or maybe his confrontation with death has changed him.

I wonder if it was Shahzain himself who had arranged the shooting so Waqar and Maher would back down.

I like how Rani takes a strong stand for her husband. What a terrific performance by Zara Noor Abbas! Short yet powerful.

This episode also briefly tells us how Sharique and Shahryar became friends. Wahaj Ali’s monologue Shahryar sounded too rehearsed and emotionless.

That’s the review. What’s your take on this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar