Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 10

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This is roughly 41-47.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 41)

In that quarantine room, they reminisce their great and not-so-great moments. As they are about to kiss, Ayla calls to inform them that the test reports are negative.

The moment is ruined and Abidin adds to the annoyance by blabbering praises for Nisan. He brings a teddy bear and a bouquet for her, stolen. He doesn’t stop there. He then flirts with Ayla and makes up stories about him and Ayla. I love Abidin’s character. He is so pretentious, and not just when in front of people. He does that when he is alone. That’s so endearing.

Berzan talks to Sinan and notices his jealousy for Abidin. He challenges him to steal Nisan from Abidin. Bhai waah!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 42)

Sinan and Nisan gets a day off, to ease off the tension Thu have endured. Sinan asks her to tag along for a day at a fun park. Despite her mentor Ayla’s instructions, she agrees to go out with him.

Abidin gets his first assignment. He is given written instructions. He reads the directions once and swallows down the paper. And, forgets the directions. He tries to boss around his fellow men who in turn treat him like garbage. Good times!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 43)

Berzan gets Ayla to talk to her by seeking her help about a patient. Smooth!

At the park, Nisan tries to win a soft toy and two rowdy men tease her aiming skills so Sinan wins the guerilla for her. Awnnn!

The proximity makes Nisan nervous and she behaves even more strangely.

Abidin continues to ramble with everyone and continues to entertain us, as usual.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 44)

Hassan (Abidin’s boss) has a girlfriend and Abidin likes her. He likes every woman. He’s like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. that girl comes to the hospital and talks to Melik about something special for the doctors bit Yildiz interrupts their conversation, kicking her out of the hospital. Just in case you wondered what Yildiz was, the drama doesn’t let you forget.

Nisan and Sinan have a great time and a lot of cute moments. Ayla catches Nisan’s lie as Sinan tells her about their fun day out. Poor Nisan!

By the way, Berzan asks Ayla out for dinner and she agrees. He has an elaborated romantic date planned for her.

Thank goodness, their love story is sorted.

Abidin also finds Nisan’s secret wooden box. Determined to find out the hidden treasures inside it, he goes downstairs with a stereo to sing his undying love for Nisan. Sinan calls police to complain about him. He’s arrested and still has the swag. Uff!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 45)

Whatta scene when Abidin leaves the jail. You must watch it yourself to be thoroughly amused.

Ayla and Berzan’s date is ruined as Berzan loses his cool when he notices a man staring at Ayla. Ayla storms out of the restaurant and they’re back to square one.

Sinan lures Nisan in by preparing her favourite breakfast. Ayla finds out and calls Abidin for support – the only man who can annoy the annoying Nisan.

Two news kids, I mean, young doctors, make their way to the already crowded hospital. Ipek and Ali. Ipek is snobbish and Ali is cute. Ali seem to have a thing about her. They are the interns. Hmmm, interesting!

Where is Sadiya? By the way?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 46)

Ipek talks a lot and quite rudely. Murat’s introductory lecture is enough to put her in her place. Kamal Qasmi is her father, who is Murat’s acquaintance.

Murat shows them around, and asks them to diagnose the disease for a chance to assist him in the operation theater.

Abidin gets another assignment. This time he gets the written directions and a gun – he has to kill someone. Now, we know well that he can’t kill. How will he get through this?

He gets one of his sidekicks to load the gun. The victim Rajab shoots himself by mistake, Abidin freaks out. His line is so apt.

You don’t need any enemy. You’re your own enemy. What kind of don are you?

He calls Nisan and brings the victim to the hospital, but he doesn’t tell the truth. He can’t, can he?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 47)

Mehmut and Ehsan, Abidin’s sidekicks and Hassan’s goons, arrive at the hospital. Abidin acts weird and Sinan smells something fishy. Nisan defends Abidin. Nisan, girl, you shouldn’t.

Ipek cheats and reads Ali’s file so she could diagnose Sabeen’s problem. Murat also finds out about her cheating and puts her on duty. Ali gets to assist

A couple (Ferhat and Maria) had been in a car accident and are both hospitalize. Berzan and Ayla attend to them. They were fighting, as Maria was suspicious of him cheating on her. Ferhat and Maria are wrapped in cast as they clear the air about the jealousy in the relationship. In turn, they teach their doctors a lesson. Ahem!

Nisan finds out the truth about Ehsan and Mehmut. She’s admonishing Abidin that asking him to be her fake boyfriend was her mistake. Just then, Sinan walks in.

Will he find out about her lie? Let’s wait and watch.


Abidin is the reason I am watching this drama. Otherwise it seems dragged. I mean, they haven’t kissed yet. So much for the build up.

Shabana Mukhtar