Daasi | Episode 24

Let’s review the 23rd episode of Daasi. Read previous episodes’ reviews.

Plot Summary & Review  

Aadil is the best person in Sunehri’s life these days. Aahil is helping, using his approach and money to find the culprit, even though Sunehri has clearly told the police inspector that she suspects Shahabuddin.

Aadil also reminds Sunehri that Aahil has paid the bills and the treatment wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Aahil.

On death bed, Khaleda asks Aahil to beware of Shahabuddin and take care of Sunehri.

And then she passes away. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeun.

Rubab also gets a call from Aliya, informing her of Khaleda’s demise.

Since when does Aliya become Rubab’s agent?

Since when does she become sympathetic towards Sunehri?

And why Sunehri is the only one without pallu on her head when it is her mother’s funeral?


I stand corrected as the episode progresses. Aliya hasn’t changed. She calls Shahabuddin to return.

Tauqeer is threatening Rubab to finalize the engagement of Aahil and Irma. That man has manipulated her in the past to mortgage her house to him. Really? Rubab seemed to be a sharp businesswoman. How could she let that happen?

Before returning home, Aahil meets Sunehri one last time. He comes home to find Rubab a bit unwell. She emotionally blackmails him and he agrees to marry Irma.

Aadil goes out to fix some business problem, giving Aliya and Shahabuddin an opportunity to carry out their evil plans. Shahabuddin returns and claims that Khaleda wanted him to marry Sunehri.

That’s where the episode ends.

Parting Thoughts

I like the true portrayal of the muslim community that women gossip even at the funeral.

I like Irma’s full sleeved dress. If it wasn’t so well-fitted, I would have loved to buy one.

Very good performance by Sunehri in the hospital.

That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar