İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 14

Alright, let’s begin with review of İlişki Durumu: Karışık – Bolum 14 (Relationship Status: Complicated). For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

This episode roughly translates to episode 35-37 of Main Ayeshagul (Urdu dubbed).


(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 35)

She cannot get through with it so she asks him to return. Murat drops her, then comes back to hand over her passport and suitcase. Can comes back just in time and spots Murat kissing Aysegul.

He storms out and goes to Elif’s house to take their relationship to next level. *rolling eyes*

These people are so juvenile.

Elif is quite bossy and we can see that Can is feeling suffocated in her presence. He also gets a text from Aysegul

waits for Murat and talks gibberish – something about Aysegul and Can and Murat. That woman needs

Aysegul finds a cute puppy and Can yells at her again. But the next morning, things get normal as Can is scared of the puppy.

Can is angry, heads to Murat’s house and beats him. Murat is a nice guy. He tells Can: “that kiss was only one sided. Despite all your rude behaviour, she still loves you.”

To make up for his awful behaviour, he takes Aysegul for boating.

Efe and Ece continue to quarrel about Can vs Murat. This couple is weird. They are seldom funny and mostly annoying.

Madiha reads a news about some man having extramarital affair. At the same time, Tehsin announces that he is going abroad for some work. Ismail and Madiha suspect that
Tehsin will do the same to Madiha.

Can confides in Hassan, the sailor. Hassan tells Can that if he loves her, he should confess his feelings. At the boat, things start well but Elif’s call upsets Aysegul. Can questions her about the night he saw Murat kiss her.

Aysegul replies: “How can I be interested in him else when I love someone else?”

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 36)

Ismail and Madiha follow Tehsin, in disguiseto  spy on him as he meets up with Nida. Madiha manhandles Nida and creates quite a scene in the restaurant. But, nobody interferes. That’s unrealistic. This doesn’t happen. Never!

Can and Aysegul have a great time in the boat. Aysegul dreams that the waves throw them on a deserted island. The whole imagined sequence is so hilarious. Things work out between them and they come home with loads of fishes.

Back in the city, Elif is crazily stalking Can – his house, his parents’ house, Murat’s office, Handan’s office. Get a grip, woman!

At Handan’s office, she finds out that Can has spent the day with Aysegul. It upsets her. Just as Aysegul and Can sit down to enjoy a nice dinner, Elif barges in. She spills the beans and it upsets Aysegul. She leaves.

Her phone is switched off. Efe and Can set out to find her. .They even check at Murat’s house. Murat joins the search party. That man genuinely cares for Aysegul.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 37)

Desperate, Can calls Handan to arrange for a live show. He confesses her love on live TV, while Aysegul watches it with Murat. She tells him that she wants a divorce. They also meet a divorce lawyer. Some of Can’s fans spot Aysegul, click her picture and upload the same.

Elif vows to avenge this insult. She meets Can’s parents and tells them that Can’s marriage is a contract marriage. Madiha begins to rant while Ismail

The only thing that goes well is Can’s career, which seems to take off after his live confession of love for his wife. Awnnn!

The social media gets crazy and it also helps Can give a clue of Aysegul’s whereabouts. Aysegul tells Can about her intentions. He then finds out about Ismail. His family is also against him now. Except Ismail, who is still pro-Aysegul.

The episode ends as an upset Elif vows to avenge her heartache.


This drama is getting too dramatic now. And, I still have 26 more episodes to watch. Argh!

Shabana Mukhtar