Ishqiya | Episode 4

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.



Amidst loud thumping music, Hamza and Hamna meet in the library. I would be scared if I had a psycho boyfriend like Hamza, to be honest.

And, can students be so close to each other in the library?

Rumi’s MD gets an offer to go abroad and a good salary hike but she refuses.


Because our girl wants to be with her parents. That, and the fact that she knows the reason she’s getting the opportunity isn’t her talent but MD’s crush on her. Since when do school’s have MD? I didn’t know. I am so poorly informed.

Hamna’s efforts to avoid Hamza are vain. Psycho saiyaan doesn’t care a bit and drags her out of class to confront her. What does she do? She blames that she’s not talking to him because of his extreme reactions. Tell him the truth, sistah!

As if it wasn’t enough, Azeem visits her in the university. Who does that? And, there is someone who comes to call Hamna. Azeem is seated in a room, where they can  Hamza sees them together, of course. He bullies the receptionist and looks at the visitors’ register.

Azeem | Hamna | Husband

Hamza creates a scene in the university. What else did you expect from him?

And a fast drive leading to a car crash… Predictable?

Saman, Hamza’s mother is in a meeting and initially doesn’t pick her phone. She is shown to be a businesswoman, professional and sharp. She reminds me of Rubab from Daasi. Check out that drama. That is also full of predictable stories and it nearing end.

The episode ends when Hamna finds out about Hamza’s accident.

Parting Thoughts

Loud. Louder. Loudest. LOUD. LOUDER. LOUDEST.


That’s what I felt about this episode.

Can I just predict the future story?

Hamza has undergone head injuries. He will lose his memory. His parents will agree to marry him with daughter of Siddiqui. Who? Rumi. Hamna wouldn’t be able to see him as her sister’s husband. That will cause rift between the siblings.

Hamza, in turn, would fall for Rumi instead.


That’s the review. I will see you in next post.

Shabana Mukhtar