Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 24

Hello and welcome to TOMU. Let’s review 24th episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

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Before I begin, I want to say something – “I told you.” I knew it was Shahzain’s ploy to get Waqar out of his way.

Anyway, so it is only Shahryar whose love story isn’t finished yet.

But for now, he has a bigger mission to accomplish – getting Waqar to confess that he attacked Shahzain (or the real truth about the whole story).

I love how Shahzain played the game. Being a victim for no reason, making others blame Waqar it aloud and getting what he wants – freedom to fight for the seat without any interruption.

Malak Shahzain wins the election and fires a few shots. A police inspector is shown to pick up the shells. Now, who has triggered this investigation? Shahryar, of course.

Sa’ad makes a surprise visit to celebrate Dua’s birthday. It wasn’t surprise for me..I think I can safely say it wasn’t a surprise for most of the viewers.

Why do I feel Sa’ad is not going to live? Or, maybe Dua. One of them will die. I hope not. 

Shahryar meets Shahzain and catches his bluff. And, that speech he gives will just rip your heart apart. Once again, I must again note that Ahmad Ali Akbar has given one of his finest performances till date. And, I would also want to give the credit to fabulous writing by Mustafa Afirdi and genius direction by Saifi Hassan.

The resolution was too quick, though. I mean one speech by Shahryar and Shahzain is all set and realizes all his mistakes. It doesn’t happen IRL. Most of us negate such allegations, let alone fixing our mistakes.

Another emotional scene is with Malak Allah Yaar, who teaches him valuable lessons in his own way.

Shahzain decides to change his course, use his position for people, and visits Shahryar. Without saying a word, he simply breaks down.

And, that’s where the episode ends.

I fear that Sa’ad will die. Oh, wait. I said that already.

Let’s wait for the last episode. Although, I hadn’t expected the finale so soon.

Shabana Mukhtar