Daasi | Episode 25

Let’s review the 25th episode of Daasi. Read previous episodes’ reviews.

Plot Summary & Review  

Sunehri is being forced to marry Shahabuddin while Aahil agrees to marry Irma.

But wait. There is luck at play. Aahil calls Sunehri while Shahabuddin is threatening her. Aahil drives like a mad man and reaches just in time with policemen.

Of course, the drama doesn’t end there. So, just as Aahil grabs her hand to take her, the neighbours put their noses in.

Mohalle Ke cha-cha: Bina nikaah ke nahin le ja sakte.
Aahil: Thik hai.

Qazi and witnesses are there so why would he say no.

You cannot miss the tiny smile that adorns their faces after nikaah.

Aliya, the 24×7 reporter for Rubab, calls her to break the news. That’s how Aadil also knows about it. Of course, the dedicated mana hua bhai and the loyal friend is happy about this not-so-surprising turn of events.

Sunehri arrives at her sasural.

Rubab has lost it. To win her over, Aahil promises to marry Irma as well. Of course, why wouldn’t he agree? Bhai ki toh lottery nikal gayi hai. Isn’t that what most men want?

Question: why doesn’t Sunehri change into something else? Shahabuddin bought that dress.

Question: Rubab comes running after Sunehri. Does she always this alert in her house? She has plenty of servants, no?

Rubab and Aliya are planning to bring back Shahabuddin and the episode ends.


Parting Thoughts


That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar